• Clarity PPM Demo Series

    Clarity PPM Product Demos New use cases every month.     Resource Management: Balanced Teams July 18, 2019 Juggling staff takes more than a spreadsheet. Finding the right team with the right skills ...
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  • CA Security Communities - Ask a Question, Get an Answer (May 17 - May 24)

      It's great that we have such vibrant communities to get quick answers to questions and gain product knowledge! We have very active members jumping in to help others out all the time. The goal of the communities...
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  • Tech Tip: Partitioning Pre_Staging_Entity_Metrics table

    The use of Oracle Partitioning and Compression capabilities (available in Oracle Enterprise Edition only) is recommended for environments where the total size of the Data Manager / CCC database exceeds 100-200GB in si...
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  • Community Platform Migration Scheduled for Early June

    As you all probably know by now, CA Technologies has been acquired by Broadcom. As part of this transition, the CA Communities will be merging with the existing Broadcom Communities and moving to a new platform on Jun...
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  • Delete server/device in UIM via command line tool (v3.3)

    A question that I receive with (almost) every client is: How do we delete device(s) in UIM/Nimsoft (in an user friendlly way)? The latest available doc/discussion explained that this is a multi step procedure, certain...
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    This is an SNMP MIB for the Introscope Trap in SMIv1 format.   This file can be used in SNMP management tools requiring a MIB to map incoming traps.   Introscope supports only the single SNMP v1 trap. ...
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  • New! CA Clarity PPM 15.6 Release Comparison

    A new Clarity PPM Release Comparison shows the value of upgrading to the latest release: You can access the comparison in the CA PPM product documentation at Release Information - CA PPM - 15.6 - CA Technolo...
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  • Sample-Rexx to list Top Secret profile acid name and acids plus their names

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  • Setting up DSA replication using text based configuration

    Here I would like to present Justin McDonald's example of setting up replication between two DSAs using text based configuration and command line tools. This thorough example deserves to be a separate document.  ...
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  • FAQ: New FDP Full Detail Page Editor

    Here are answers to the most frequently-asked questions regarding the new FDP Full Detail Page editor. Learn more about FDP at Product Announcement - New FDP Full Detail Page Editor    Is auto-save ...
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  • DevTest's Adventures in Dockerland

    Introduction A Word About Databases  Prerequisites Docker - Command line to Compose Docker Networking Properties Files  The Enterprise Dashboard Container Adding the License File ...
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  • Analyzing API Gateway trace logs for performance issues (another tool to use)

    Note: I'm posting this document now. I've been trying to finish it for some time, but keep getting caught up in other more urgent tasks - I've put in an effort to get it to this stage - and will fix up any problems as...
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  • Broadcom/CA System Transitions Coming Soon

    As you may be aware, CA Technologies is now part of Broadcom.  Over the past several months we have been developing and testing transitions to new systems and processes.  Our aim is to make the production tr...
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  • Tech Tips: IAM Error: Caused by: javax.persistence.PersistenceException: org.hibernate.exception.GenericJDBCException: could not prepare statement

    Issue:   Have one central server for IAM. It is connected to a MSSQL database.   The logs show there were some issues related to a sql query and because of that IAM restarted.   Seems like our other ...
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  • RESTful Web Services.pptx

    Hi Folks, In the spirit of better late than never, here is my presentation on RESTful Web Services from the October 13 Chicagoland AutoSys User Group meeting. Looking forward to our next meeting. Regards, Mark Hanson
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  • XREQ objects

    If you have worked with the Automation Engine for a while, you will no doubt have seen references to “XREQ” objects in error messages, logs, or traces.   Background For a long time, XREQ objects were ...
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  • Provisioning Directory migration to a new Identity Manager installation

    The following document describes the steps to migrate Identity Manager Provisioning Directory (IMPD) data to a new system: Migrate the Provisioning Directory - CA Identity Manager - 14.2 - CA Technologies Documentati...
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  • CA Communities Migration Update: Important Dates and a Reminder

    Dear CA Communities Members,   This is a reminder that as part of the transition to Broadcom, the CA Communities will be moving to a new platform on June 6, 2019. (See my previous post for more details: Comm...
    Lenn Thompson
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  • Handy Guide: NFA 10.0.0

    Hello all, I put together a list of Tech Docs that are either required or optional for successfully using NFA 10.0.0. More to come.    Handy Guide: NFA 10.0.0 REQUIRED PATCHES:   You may notic...
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  • Handy Guide: NFA 9.5.0

    Hello all, I put together a list of Tech Docs that are either required or optional for successfully using NFA 9.5.0. More to come.    Handy Guide: NFA 9.5.0 REQUIRED PATCHES:   Whether yo...
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