• Gen Online Training - What do you need?

    Hi All,   When I joined the Gen team a few months back, I took the online Gen training to jump start my learning of the product.  I learned a lot about Gen in the process, but I also had some ideas on how w...
    Susan Brude
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  • *** UIM 9.x Defects/Bugs/Gotchas ***

    So I figured I'd start a new UIM 9.x Defects/Bugs/Gotchas thread as the other one has 11 pages so far.  Just so we can all track known bugs and defects since the Announcements page is not used on the old support...
    Daniel Blanco
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  • Resub a job 4 times, if it fails for the fifth time, create a ticket in remedy

    Hi,   Can someone please help me to schedule a job which has to be resubmitted 4 times upon failure, and if the failure occurs on 5th time, it should create a remedy ticket (Remedy automation in place).   ...
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  • CA Service Management #3 in Analyst Rankings

    CA Service Management (CASM) received a Market Leader rating in industry analyst firm Research in Action's recently published ITSM / ESM Vendor Selection Matrix: The Top 20 Global Vendors 2019. CASM was...
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  • CA SAM Master Catalog 5.7.9 Available

    A CA Software Master Asset Manager Master Catalog Update Version 5.7.9 has been posted to CA Software Asset Manager Solutions and Catalogs Index page on CA Support Online. You can find the link for this under the Docu...
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  • How to use the Ensure Result Equals Json Assertion?

    How to use the Ensure Result Equals Json Assertion?   I have tried using this in my design but i found some difficulties.    1. Is it mandatory to use Load expected JSON? Actually i tried using f...
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  • Tuesday Tips: Enabling SSL for the DevTest Portal

    Set this properties in the local.properties file of the Workstation :   lisa.portal.url.prefix=https://   Restart Workstation to pick up property.   Uncomment these properties in the phoenix.proper...
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  • Product Announcement - Migrate Rich Text (EDP) Templates to Work Item (QDP) Templates

    We are in the process of deprecating our Editable Detail Page (EDP) in order to replace it with a new Full Detail Page (FDP) that will be more performant and that has the same great features as the Quick Detail Panel ...
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  • Has anybody got a sample SQL Function in Assembler?

    I am trying to write a User SQL function as part of a project. I have plenty of other Assembler DB procedures and DC programs etc. I also have an 0C4 as soon as I try to start my first SQL Function. I can't find an ex...
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  • Product Announcement - Editable Detail Page (EDP) Deprecation

    In order to provide the same great functionality in our quick detail panel (QDP) as well as provide a more performant editor, we are going to be deprecating our editable detail page (EDP) and replacing it with a ...
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  • Need to use an alternate SELRCD on a Known by field

    Within the Validate key screen user point of a n Edit Record built over an SQL generated table, I have placed a condition to check the position and if F4 has been presses for a Known by key value and calling a non-def...
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  • RA FTP Job - Different user

    Hallo,   we install our ra ftp binaries with user A (just an install user) Our customer use the agent for a ftp jobs to copy from a server to the agent destination with user B (Login Object under attributes). ...
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  • Securing CA 2E Model - Best Practices ?

    Hi All,   We’re looking for some idea on how to secure our CA 2E Models.  We have hundreds of developers from both onshore and offshore.    And when they use the Models and make any updat...
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  • AEDB database

    Has anyone ever added an extra table in AEDB database?   For some automation purpose we are thinking of adding a table in AEDB database (no links with existing ujo_* tables) Just checking - if this would cause ...
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  • How to integrate ServiceNow with Dollar Universe?

    Use Case: We have the ServiceNow as the notification system whenever there is any issue with the production job runs. This system raises the high/medium/low severity tickets to appropriate teams for resolving produ...
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  • Find the order of the jobs

    Hi, I have a question with the order of the jobs that are scheduled in Autosys. Can you please help me with the below questions.   I have more than 500 jobs and I wanted to find out the scheduled order of the ...
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  • Autoping -M ALL -S from 11.3.6 SP7, failed to all agent machine 11.0.

    Hello,   Any idea about this:   Autoping -M ALL -S from 11.3.6 SP7, failed to all agent machine 11.0. Not used encryption: UseEncryption=0 AutoRemPort=0   Here message from one agent: CAUAJM_I_50023...
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  • Log new User Creation in TPX

    In TPX 5.4 there is no log entry created when a new user ID is created but there is a log entry created when an existing user ID is deleted, both activities occur on the TPXADMIN panel.  Addition of this log entr...
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  • Sandbox Upgrade

    I am planning an upgrade to the sandboxes to version  This will allow you to try out the new Phoenix Theme.  I should have the actual dates of the upgrades early next week.   MIke
    Michael Thibault
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  • Report or Script: Last runtime of jobs

    Hi all, Does anyone have a script or report that they would be willing to share, for Automic V9 ONE Automation, to pull the job name and last run date? I am sure this is something simple, but just pressed for time a...