• Problem Parsing CSV File in GEL Script

    I'm a relative newcomer to GEL and not a Java guru, so I'm hoping someone out there can give me some advice.   My goal is to use GEL to read a CSV file (which is exported from our ERP system and stored on our SF...
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  • Can't enable TIM in CEM (APM 10.7 SP2)

    Hi,   Need help and advise. I installed CA APM 10.7 SP2 components with following architecture: 1. EM ( 2. EM Collector ( 3. TIM (eth0: - Dynamic; eth1: 192.168.10...
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  • AXA snippet not loading

    Hi Team, We are trying to deploy a web app on ca axa but after injection of the snippet between the <head> tags the Internet explorer is unable to load the script and throwing this error: HTTPS security is co...
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  • Probe to capture structured mails

    Hi, we are looking for a solution in nimsoft to capture structured mails and convert them into a nimsoft alarm.   Are there any idea's how to do or can this be investigated by the development team of CA?  ...
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    Spectrum community,   I have created a Fanout model to force Spectrum to monitor a specific set of ports used for SAN connections. Last evening, one of the boxes connected to the Fanout model shut down. Not the...
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  • Weblogic agent troubleshooting

    Hi Team, We are trying to deploy the java agent for weblogic for that we added the agent parameters in the startweblogic.cmd file and restarted the weblogic server from the command line the agent node is appearing i...
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  • Using Project Stage As Filter For Custom Query Based Portlet

    Hello,   I am trying to use project Stage as a lookup filter for a query based portlet, but when I try to set the stage attribute as a lookup on the query's Attributes tab, I can't find the Investment Type (INV_...
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  • CA proxy connection to external database

    Hello,    Could you please guide me on how to store the proxy response in an external database and retrieve the same?   If any user is authenticated, I need to fetch the related data from external dat...
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  • How to trigger an application upon success of a job that's in another application using CA WADE ?

    Have an application ( APPL1) and job (JOB1).  Have an another application (APPL2).   APPL2 should be run upon SUCCESS of APPL1.JOB1 and TIME Dependency ( AT 2 AM )   Please advise how to imp...
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  • Do Spectrum use the "snmpbulkget" or "snmpbulkwalk" commands?

    Devices Juniper_Mx104 with a peaks of CPU usage. Juniper TAC inform that this behavior is because a SNMP tool is polling these devices with "snmpbulkget" or "snmpbulkwalk" commands instead "snmpget" or "snmpwalk" . &#...
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  • CAUIM - Azure - PaaS Monitoring

    Hello CA Guys,   I have a little doubt. Is possible to monitor via CAUIM PaaS environment via Azure Probe ? For example, we need to monitor a Cosmos DB PaaS environment. How this type of monitoring works ? ...
    Jean Gomes
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  • CA API Gateway: What is the best practice policy assertions for protect a open API ?

    CA API Gateway: What is the best practice policy assertions for protect a open API ?
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  • TSO user mips consuption

    Hi,   Is it possible somwhere in sysview (some panel)  get list of all TSO users with their MSU consumption ? 
    Martin Svidrnoch
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  • Addtional attributes extract from spectrum & import in CMDB

    https://comm.support.ca.com/kb/how-to-add-additional-attributes-to-the-spectrum-modeling-gateway-cmdb-export/kb000107593   Hi Team   We exported xml file from spectrum and import all the CI's into CMDB. Bu...
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  • Access sdm contacts from employee

    hello   Need some help. I want to access manger and some analyst contacts on my employee incident from. Ive inactive some constraint in employee data partition for that but unable to access contacts. Can anyone ...
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  • GraphQL Request

    Hi,   We need to record and virtualize a GraphQL Request, but SV don't have  compatibility with GraphQL.    Someone has already been able to record a request on the SV with GraphQL?   Someo...
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  • Is there any MIB tool for speed up CA PM custom certifications?

    Hello,   We have the need to develop some certifications (both vendor certifications and metric families).   Is there any visual MIB tool that can help speed up the development?   Thank you.   ...
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  • Gateway Reference Architecture

    Hi,   Could you please let me know if there are any Reference architectures that we can gain insights from in terms of how the Gateways are typically set up e.g. Clusters, External DBs, Setting up gateway in the...
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  • BPM-0704: An error occurred while executing custom script: org.apache.commons.jelly.JellyTagException: null:92:109: <gel:set> Missing or invalid XML at

    When I am running a process I get an error saying Invalid XML   The XML when run separately gives out the result. Please find below the XML I used and the Error which I am getting   <NikuDataBus xmlns:x...
  • PM collector "upgrading"

    I'm upgrading from 3.5 to 3.6 today and I have 2 data collectors that have been showing "upgrading" for almost 90 minutes. All the other DC's are "collecting data". It seems like there is data for the 2 DC's in questi...
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