• Heartbeat trap alert

    For Spectrum 10.2 running on Solaris, we use snmptrap to generate a snmp heartbeat trap to monitor Spectrum server status via the following shell script:   /usr/sfw/bin/snmptrap -v 1 -c public $SSSERVER .
    created by kevinyizhou
  • Saml authnRequest Signature Verification

    Hi   This link https://communities.ca.com/ideas/235723740 seems to suggest there is a workaround for verifying saml authnrequest when using http redirect. Can any body shed some lights on what this work aro...
    created by PBarjon
  • OSIM Support of UEFI Bios for installation of Linux OS

    6 votes
    Starting ITCM 14.0, OSIM support UEFI Bios for installation of Windows OS. Is it possible to add the OSIM support of UEFI Bios for installation of Linux too ?   New hardware is more and more delivered with only...
    last modified by guije03
  • Portal Dash Board Read Access

    Hi Team, I have to provide read access to developers on portal dashboard. Please let me know is there any way to do that.
    last modified by chellamcherla
  • Start/Stop the Unix agent in Command prompt

    Can anyone please tell me to Start/Stop the Unix agent in Command prompt?   Thanks in Advance
    created by Anto_UC4
  • OBS Help

    When I go into Admin - OBS, there are 4 listed.  One Financial Dept OBS, One Financial Location OBS, a Master OBS and a Time Reporting OBS.  The two financial OBS's are currently checked off as "used for acc...
    last modified by GrantL01
  • CA Service Desk MDB Upgrade Fails

    In our current test environment we have CA Service Desk 11.2 on Windows Server 2003 and SQL 2005. We are trying to upgrade the MDB with CA SDM 14.1 installation ISO.  The upgrade fails with MDBTools error = 3. ...
    created by SCB_CA_SUPPORT
  • Display long String to use as a variable

    Hi,   I encounter the following problem;   I need a Base64 string to use as attachement for an external ticket system. The string is larger than 8000 characters. But some how the string is truncated to ...
    last modified by PJansen630014
  • Direct link to the workflow task from message template

    Hi, Is there anyway to include direct link of the particular workflow task from the message templates of change order? If i click the link from the notification mail ,it should go to the corresponding workflow task ...
    last modified by lavudaiappan
  • SAML response sent without certificate

    Hi,   I recently upgraded my infra to 12.8 post which I am facing an issue wherein the SAML response being sent to the SP ACS url does not contain certificate. Even though the configurations done in Admin UI has...
    last modified by PankajSh0
  • Different IWA Auth Scheme for Internal and EXternal Users

    I have a typical use case here for providing access to the federated applications. there are 2 set of users - Sales and Normal who need to access the same federated applications. The Sales User are into external n/w a...
    last modified by Pallavi_S
  • Accessing the CA SSO WamUI is giving 404 error.

    Hello Experts, I started the wamui (standalone.sh)  , however its giving 404 error while accessing it. I don't see any error as such in the server.log, however No message is recorded after the below message: ...
    last modified by Satyendra2019
  • How to control Operator Execution

    I have 3 operators which crates ticket, all of them are running in a loop . they trigger separately on the given condition . But when i have to go for next record in the loop , i am unable to determine that how can i...
    last modified by Kunal.gaurav
  • Spectrum REST - update list attributes - instances

    19 votes
    We would like to have the ability to update list attributes with the REST interface.  Currently there is no way to specify the instance id on a list interface, and concequently there is no way to update values on...
    last modified by Bill_Barnes
  • Add a global setting for HSTS header

    17 votes
    HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) is a web security policy mechanism which helps to protect websites against protocol downgrade attacks and cookie hijacking. Within the Federal Government, this header is now ...
    last modified by JMCColorado
  • Triggering events from non-mainframe systems

    I have been asked to find a way to trigger events on the MF from non-mainframe systems.   Users on a Linux system would like to be able to start and stop test CICS regions on demand.   So I am look...
    last modified by Allamon
  • Widget for deployment heat map

    2 votes
    Allowing the tool (CARA) owners to find downtime to perform upgrades, DR tests, or general restarts Allow app teams (with access) to see their typical deployment times to schedule other deployments better so as not t...
    last modified by sp672
  • CA-Service Virtualization Metrics

    Under review
    7 votes
    In Current Scenario LISA provides Response Time Metrics w.r.t Virtual Services with Below Information   > Max Time > Minimum Time > Average Time   It would be useful if the Response time informa...
    last modified by RohitAnney75810680
  • Monitoring ActiveMQ

    Hi all, Looking for a bit of advice really. We have an application flow which has data fed in via HTTP calls, or HTTP polls, the data is then pushed onto ActiveMQ queues. We then have applications that consume the ...
    last modified by mick.sheppard
  • How to Automate Opening and Closing Time Periods?

    Hello All -    Wondering best practices and recommendations for automating opening and closing time periods?   Logic could be 2 weeks prior, current week, and 2 weeks future are active.  As each ...
    last modified by mattguercio