• Where are the links from the Agile Business book available at? I tried searching this site but I am not able to find them.

    Hi! I'm reading the Agile Business book right now and I'm seeing a bunch of links listed that go to a rallydev.com address. I created a CA login but I'm not finding any of the links (ex. http://rallydev.com/commu...
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  • Anyone seeing the error "dh key too small" in hub 7.97

    This was an issue in hub 7.92HF6   Hub hotfix Hub 7.92HF6 tunnel connections fail wit - CA Knowledge    Seems like maybe the same thing?
    created by Garin
  • CA SDM 17.1 Installation On Linux (SUSE)

    Hello team. Has anyone installed CA SDM 14.x or 17.x on Linux SUSE? We're having a trouble (Install.log file is attached)   - We're running installation with "srvcdesk" user which has rights to execute SUDO...
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  • when User is trying to login to application it is showing as user is locked but user was not locked in LDAP

    The user account was not locked in LDAP but still it is showing as user account was locked whenever he tries to login.
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  • Agile Central Excel 2016 Add-in Login Issue

    Hello, I have gone through the steps to setup the beta plugin utilizing Excel 2016, when clicking on the Login button nothing happens, no pop up or redirect. I can access the URL (React App) through a web browser...
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  • Configuring Forwarding and Replication in NAS probe

    Hi all. I have this situation.  *uim-server (nas): With principal nas *hub-a (nas): When deploy the nas probe, it create 2 subscriber (nas and alarm_enrichment), and this configuration its function ok, but whe...
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  • SANM Fitlter Policy based on Global Collection

    I'm trying to create a filter policy to generate incidents only for devices in a specific global collection. It works but only for alarms of the device itself. It does not generate alarms for the device interface...
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  • Enabling SSL for Server Console

    I'm trying to update secure the server console due to some security requirements.  What is the default password for webserver.ks?
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  • uncheck IT PAM integration flag when Upgrade to 17.1

    Hi Team, I've uninstalled the ITPAM-Options in Service Desk Manager Version 17.0. Now I want to upgrade to 17.1 but in the product integration selection the process automation integration flag is checked an...
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  • GA Announcement for CA Business Intelligence (CABI) JasperReports® Server v7.1

    November 6, 2018   To:          CA Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) Customers From:     CA Technologies PPM Product Team Subject: General A...
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  • Timesheet Approvals

    Hi, We are running Clarity PPM 13.2 (old version), and I am new to this product. My question is, we currently have one person who has been setup in Clarity as Timesheet approver, and I setup another user identical t...
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  • UIM RegEX Help Thread

    So was thinking of starting a regEx thread b/c it would be helpful for many of us who have to try to find something in a log or match against a specific message event string. So if you have a regex question post in h...
    Daniel Blanco
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  • CA Service desk rest api json input

    Hi Team, We are unable to send Json as input to put method to update ticket using rest api. Could you please help us on this.   Thanks
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  • CA Spectrum AGENT LOST polling Mechanisms

    Dear Fellows,   I have a confusion regarding polling intervals in Management agent lost alarms . suppose spectrum polls at 5:00 AM to a device and device never responds to its snmp requests it tries 3 times aft...
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  • Log file analysis in Portal

    Under review
    24 votes
    DevTest can log a vast amount of information. I would appreciate some kind of in-depth log file analysis in Portal to investigate what each server and Workstation application is reporting, so I don't need to have dire...
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  • Can I convert Composer 4.0 models to Ca Gen 8.6

    Hello Everybody,   I attended a Composer 4 Training in 1998, I have the training material and the models used in the training. Now I'm reviewing the material to refresh my knowledge of CA Gen after all these ye...
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  • Policy Xpress to generate SOAP Call

    Can Policy Xpress pull data from our IDM SQL db tables and create an Action Rule to execute a SOAP calls to idm to perform an admin task? I already have working soap messages to create roles and account templates. ...
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  • Share custom page with certain users

    Hey everyone,   I have some custom pages that are just useful for some people in the organization. I would like to be able to share these with just them. I know there is now an option to "hide" pages that someo...
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  • Have installed Rally Add on-CAAgileCentralAddinForExcel_2.4.4.msi,but its not visible in the Ribbon.Also followed all the needful pre-requisites.How to get this sorted?

    Have performed all the below steps,still Rally Add in is not working for me Install Microsoft .Net framework 4(https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=17851)  Install Microsoft Visual Studio 2010...
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  • Where can I find information about the Rally API quotas?

    Hello,   I've written some scripts that automate the creation/deletion of Test Cases and Test Case Results. However, I seem to be running into some issues with quota limits. I generated an API key (type: full ac...
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