• CA PPM 15.5 New Report with Power BI Error

    Hello Community of CA PPM, I need your help because we try to create a new HTML report and when we put the url of Power BI the report not appear en CA PPM.   The HTML code is:  <div align="center" styl...
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  • How to set Cost Plan to "Submitted" Status using a Process?

    Hello -    Thank you in advance for your time and effort.   I'm working on a process that replaces the OOTB "Submit Plan of Record for Approval" workflow, as the latter requires the approver to have a...
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  • Unable to update/reflect changes of Default Value (Large String, Read Only) to End-User

    Hello -    I've created three Large String custom attributes (Project), each with a default value and read-only assigned.  When making changes to the default value of each and saving, the changes do no...
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  • Activity Log - Show Specific Data

    When a ticket is initially created, the tickets activity log does not show what the data is originally set as for the following fields (Assignee and Group). Currently the activity log only shows the data for the previ...
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  • Sysgen - Avoid the surprises!

    14 votes
    It would be nice to know, when one begins updating a system's configuration, that there are ungenerated changes that have been made.   It's always a surprise when one generates a system and finds that entities t...
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  • CA API Gateway: What is the best practice policy assertions for protect a open API ?

    CA API Gateway: What is the best practice policy assertions for protect a open API ?
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  • Javelin 64-bit installer

    2 votes
    There is only Javelin 32-bit installer provided by TDM suite. So, there is no 64-bit installer exists. Please make enhancement and include this feature in upcoming release.
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  • ESP Workstation sort custom view by END TIME.

    7 votes
    when sorting a custom view with lets say multiple failure by END TIME  you will get the sort to apply only on the TIME.  which mean that if the job failed on different date the only sort that will occur is a...
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  • Provide Ability to Organize/Group APIs and Applications

    37 votes
    Provide the ability to group and organize APIs and Applications within the Portal UI.  I have had several clients ask for this feature and competing products do provide this capability which puts us at a disadvan...
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  • Create a read-only role in API Portal

    21 votes
    We have some people that we want to be able to analyze and investigate in the API Portal (architect, audit) but not impacting operation.   In order to do so, we need a read-only role in the API Portal.   E...
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  • Fully optimized CI-CD world 'driven' by ARD!

    2 votes
    With everyone on the CI-CD train, why not make everyone efficient with ARD's awesomeness!   How if we could be absolutely certain about what we are putting into our pipeline and ARD is the magic word!   A ...
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  • CA PM: Data Repository Backup

    I have followed the documentation to configure the automatic backup of the Data Repository, what has not been very clear to me is how to make each week a total backup and from there backup integral, I could give some ...
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  • WA EE Agents - using a VIP addr for primary / failover agent

    Scenario:  We installed agents on a primary and failover server with the same agent name (one remains down) and then created a VIP with the two addresses. In AGENTDEF, I defined the agent name with the VIP and po...
    created by Loraine
  • I find a need to split a 2 stage Environment in endvor into two 1 stage environments.

    I have a PROD environment split into 2 STAGES (ACPT, PROD), I need to be able to define more systems to the ACPT stage only, since systems definitions take place at the 'ENVIRONMENT' level this cannot be done, so I wa...
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  • Project Tasks - Associated Risks/Issues

    I am trying to figure out the DB table(s) where I can fetch to identify associated risks/issues for a project task. Any references on this would be helpful.   Thanks, Praneeth
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  • Default value is not reflected for an custom attribute

    Hi All,   We have an custom attribute with number data type , default  value 0.0% and   'populate null values with default field' unchecked.  When projects are created default values are not...
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  • Issue running migration from 11.3 to 12.2

    I ran a migration from 11.3 to 12.2 while destination (12.2) server service running.  Can I just do another migration to fix? 
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  • No cost web-based training (WBT) for customers on active maintenance

    No Cost Education for Customers Active on Maintenance  Attention CA DevOps Customers Active on Maintenance....  Learning Paths - CA Technologies 
    created by Lynn_Williams
  • Steps to compile .Java files for Activeresponse

    Hi All,   I have source code for active response from the siteminder sdk, which was complied and working windows, I am trying to add new active response for which I created a new .Java file, now when I am compli...
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  • Gateway 9.4 compatible API portal

    Hi,   Could you please confirm if API Portal 4.2.* is compatible with 9.4 yet or by when we could expect to have this compatibility in place. We are currently trying to upgrade to Gateway version 9.4, but Portal...
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