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== Live Chat ==
=== Intro ===

A live chat applet has been setup for the community to use so that we can better communicate in real time when we need assistance.
To access the livechat applet, use the following url

Kiwi IRC

Once you have reached the URL, type in the name you are using on MyCA Communities in the Nickname box, and press connect.
You will be able to chat in real time to other MyCA users who are online at the same time

'''If you ask a question, and don't get a response immediately, stick around as someone will see the question'''
'''As a plus, the more people who stick around, the more likely your question will get answered !!'''

=== How to use it ===
You can see everyone who is currently participating in the list on the right hand side of the screen.
* Names with the "@" symbol in front of them are the channel operators. They are the equivalent of the forum moderators.

There is a box down the bottom where you can type in the message you want to send to everyone in the chat room. Once you've typed the message in, hit enter to send it.

You can change the theme of the chat by clicking on the gears in the top right.

If someone you're chatting with doesn't seem to be responding because they may be looking away from their computer, usually mentioning their name will cause their client to beep. This may be enough to get their attention. Otherwise you can send them a direct message (see below) to try to get their attention.

==== Commands ====
* To change your name once you've joined the chat type in -

/nick <new name>

* To private message someone in the chat room, type in -

/msg <name> <message>

* To narrate your action, type in -

/me waves hello to everyone

This will show up as *[yournickname] waves hello to everyone

* To leave the chat, simply close the window down.

=== Servers ===
The channel is #CAIM.

AustNet has servers strategically placed to provide coverage to nearly all countries worldwide. To obtain the best connection, you should generally find the closest server to you and connect to it using your IRC client of choice. You are able to easily connect to our IRC servers using the following addresses:

Here are the servers you can use:
* - (international)
* - (Australia)
* - (United States)