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Document created by Nagasujan on Jun 17, 2014
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Current Level: SDM 12.7 C1

Tickets in the list page displays a megaphone icon per the below code if the Affected End User is assigned with a special handling however the detail page displays the actual icon (alert_icon_url) instead of the default one

    if (add_icon_to_cust)


        var specialHandlingAlertIcon = "$SpecialHandlingIcon";

        if(specialHandlingAlertIcon == "") // did they provide a icon in the config file?        {

            specialHandlingAlertIcon = "$CAisd/img/announcements_16.png";        } //I know we can change the Icon here instead of megaphone icon, but I looking for acutal icon provided in the special handling.

        htmlStr = htmlStr + "&nbsp <img src='" + specialHandlingAlertIcon

                  +"' border=0 height=14 width=14 alt='Special Handling Alert' title='Special Handling Alert'/>";


Can anyone suggest me, how we can display the actual icon( here, we have different Icons for each special handling) in the list page instead of one common Megaphone icon.


Thanks Much,



Hi, Does any one have some suggestion here for me. /Sharath


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