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A while ago I created this Java application to extract Process GEL Scripts.  This was Oracle DB specific and since I now I am also dealing with a SQLServer I decided to rewrite it.  I ported it to a windows cscript which should make is easier for people to modify if required.


Extract Gel Scripts to Files


To run via a windows cmd.exe window:


cscript ExtractGelScriptsToFiles.js [DatabaseServer] [DataBaseType] [UserId] [Password] [OutputFolder]


DatabaseSever = the database server with the niku database

DataBaseType = either Oracle or SqlServer

UserId = a db user that has select rights to the niku database

Password = the db user's password

OutputFolder = the location where to store the gel scripts


For example:


cscript ExtractGelScriptsToFiles.js MyDatabaseServer SqlServer admin password c:\GelExtract