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As CADRE moves forward, it is important to remember our roots and the people that have contributed their time and talents to make our organization what it is today.  It is for this reason that the CADRE Executive Board has chosen to select members to the first class to be recognized in the CADRE Hall of Fame.  These individuals can be members of CADRE or CA, both living and deceased, with the key component being their contribution to the IDEAL/DATACOM community.

Dick Millar

Over the last 20 years Dick has been a loyal and consistent supporter of CADRE and Datacom - both on the CA and on the user side. He has captained the CADRE ship through calm and storms. Dick, the current President, is, I think, the first to serve two distinct spells as Chair, and that alone warrants him for consideration.  But Dick has also been the driving force behind the reinvention of CADRE to manage the progression from a Regional User Group based organization to a centralized model exploiting electronic media to unite the members. And, of course, the merging of CADRE into CA Communities.

Kevin Schuma

Kevin Shuma has been a part of CA Datacom development team, for many years. He always has time for an email or phone call from a customer or contractor using Datacom, to help, educate and listen to concerns. Kevin has given many classes and created several additions for the Datacom software system. Kevin is always there when you need him.

Clyde McPherson

Clyde has been a valued contributor to CADRE for over 30 years. He has filled various roles in the CADRE organization and currently is the CADRE Treasurer. Clyde is a well thought of speaker at CA Worlds (with a funny accent) that has delivered numerous technically in-depth session on Datacom over the years. He continues to be open and willing source for every Datacom user.  He willingly shares his extensive knowledge in ways that have helped many of us avoid problems and find success with our Datacom projects.

Karina Pulinx

Karina has over the past few years committed herself to helping CA's customers and I have many cases where she has gone beyond the call of duty and is always friendly and understanding.  She is the author of ‘Tuesday Tips’ on MyCA.

Don Axon

Don possesses the strongest Knowledge and expertise in Datacom.  One of the very powerful minds that runs STAR - the most innovative application developed on Datacom/IDEAL. He uses the Datacom facilities to the extent that no one else can think of, an example being ‘ DBRA’ usage to fine tune every program and task. He supports and gives plenty of knowledge to anyone who approaches him.