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Document created by Samuel-Frankford on Jun 24, 2014
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Can you GOOGLE your Datacom?

Well you can now!!
CADRE and CA Announce the availability of the CA Datacom v14.0 Bookshelf...
Working in conjunction with the CADRE community and their request for more availability of CA Datacom documentation, the CA Technical Information team has built a new CA Datacom v14 public bookshelf that is available to the internet and can easily be found via GOOGLE and other search engines.
The current bookshelf contains all of the version 14.0 manuals as well as:
• A direct link to the CA User Community Forums
• A direct link CA Support Online
• Documentation sorted in an alphabetical order – click D for manuals starting with D – like Database and System Administration guide
• Documentation sorted by category
The bookshelf also includes the new CA scenario documents. Scenario documents provide specific implementation and how-to instructions for new and existing product functions.
For example, the CA Datacom SQL Web Connect scenario provides detailed instructions on how to implement the new SQL Web Connect functionality provided to all licensed CA Datacom/DB sites.
Look for new scenarios being added over time to the CA Datacom V14 bookshelf.
The bookshelf also includes sections on green books, white papers, webcast library and much more.
You can get to the bookshelf by entering the link below:
Restricted content
Most of the CA Datacom documentation is readily available for the public user. However when you first enter the bookshelf you may see a few of the manuals marked "restricted".
If you click on one of these manuals you will be prompted for you CA Support sign-on. Once you have completed the sign-on you will be returned to the bookshelf.
Just click on the item of interest again and you will see that the restricted content is now available to the signed-on user.
As we move forward with new release documentation, we will be working to move the restricted content to the non-restricted format.
The long term goal of the bookshelf is to provide an easily searchable place for you to find Datacom product information as well the latest webcast, scenarios, etc.
Give it a GOOGLE and see what you think!!