Tech Tips: Drill down from CAPC to NFA causes a Time Shift in NFA View

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When in CAPC and drilling down on NFA data, a time shift may occur in the NFA view if you are not using a GMT time zone.
For example if you are looking at a view in CAPC that is for 7:30 AM EST to 8:30 AM EST, then drill down on one of the Protocols from a 'Stacked Protocol Trend' chart into NFA, the time frame shown in the NFA view would be shifted to 2:30 AM EST to 3:30 AM EST.
To work around this in CAPC releases 2.3.3 and earlier follow the steps below on the CAPC Server:

1)SSH to the CAPC server


2)Backup the 'netqosportal' database on CAPC with the command below


mysqldump netqosportal > /tmp/netqosportal.sql


If desired you can change the backup directory to something other than /tmp


3)Navigate to:



For example for the default directory:

cd /opt/CA/PerformanceCenter/SQL/plugins


4)Run the following four commands from this directory one by one:


cp reporter/report_models.xml reporter/report_models.orig


         sed -i 's/expandedUtcTimeStart/utcTimeStart:Date(yyyy-MM-dd_HHmm|utc)/g' reporter/report_models.xml


sed -i 's/expandedUtcTimeEnd/utcTimeEnd:Date(yyyy-MM-dd_HHmm|utc)/g' reporter/report_models.xml


../../Tools/bin/ dbmigrate -package -path reporter



5)When the last command completes you will get a response like the one



INFO: ---------- Completed loading package: ----------


DbMigrate end (w/ exit status: 0)



6)If you see that it was succesful, reload you CAPC view and test the drill down to NFA again.


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