Tech Tips: NASTv13.exe available for NFA 9.1.3 and NFA 9.2

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The NAST Tool & NFA Parser are a way of verifying the flows that a particular harvester is receiving.  After running the tool, you will be presented with an HTML page that details the following information:


  • Which routers are sending properly formed flows to the harvester
  • Which interfaces are represented in the flows being received (including flow rate, bit rate, volume, etc.)
  • Which routers are sending either malformed flows or have rebooted
  • Interface names and utilization values for interfaces already monitored in NFA


When opening a Support Ticket for troubleshooting missing or incorrect data from a Device/Interface, it would help speed up resolution if we have this file up front.  Just download it to your Harvester, double click the file, and specify the time period you want to run it for. If you do not see your device in this report, chances are, the NetFlow is not making it to the Harvester.

Each version of NFA has its own version of the NAST/NFAParser.  See below for which version to use depending on your version of NFA:
9.1.3 & 9.2 - NASTv13.exe
9.1.2 - NASTv11.exe
9.0.161 - NFAParserv10.exe
9.0.118 - NFAParserv9.exe
8.3 or earlier (no longer supported) - NFAParserv8.exe




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