Steps for removing OLD DSA ,     RA 9.0.161

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Steps for removing OLD DSA
1.       Go to your new (Super DSA) DSA and stop Mysql51 service , this will stop DSA loader service as well.
2.       Backup DSA database ( make a copy of  ‘nqrptr’  folder located : D:\NETQOS\mysql51\data\)
3.       Once that’s successful restart Services on that Super DSA
4.       RDP into an OLD DSA that you wonna remove and stop it’s services ( mysql51 and DSA loader)
5.       Copy out all tables from ‘nqrptr’ folder except bellow files, to a backup folder on the SuperDSA somewhere on the D:/ drive. You can create a new folder called ‘old_nqrptr_dsa’.
So files below, do not copy out !
parameters . . .
settings . . .
statistics . . .
6.       Now, when that’s all done,  you will stop services on Super DSA again
7.       Cut and paste files from  D:/ old_nqrptr_dsa     >>>  To a  D:\NETQOS\mysql51\data\ nqrptr
8.       Restart services on Super DSA
            - console steps after migrating data -
9.       Now, let’s RDP into a RA Console  Server and open up a CMD
Mysql –P3308 reporter;
mysql>select ServerID, inet_ntoa(Address), Capacity from database_servers;
Make a note of what is the ‘ServerID’ of the DSA that you wonna keep, The Super DSA
Now delete this OLD DSA from this table
             Mysql>delete from database_servers where serverid=<oldDSAServerID>;
10.   Now let’s update your database with that ID
mysql> update agent_definitions set DataServerId=1;
Query OK, 2 rows affected (0.00 sec)
NOTE: DataServerId is the number that have noted from above  ServerID, I used ‘1’ for example
11.   NOW LETS DELETE ONE MORE ENTRY by running command bellow
Mysql>delete from database_servers_scheduler where address=inet_aton('oldDSAipAddress');
-- cleanup watchdog so you don’t get those alerts in GUI …
Mysql> delete from cpuutilization where address=inet_aton(oldDSAipAddress');
Mysql> delete from diskutilization where address=inet_aton(oldDSAipAddress');


Thanks for this very informative Tips, an excellent guideline.


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