Applications in the MTP show "[Deleted]"

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[size=7]Applications in the MTP show "[Deleted]" behind them .
These are no longer in the ADA console but still show up in the MTP, [size]

****** Answer *******
This is normal MTP behavior. At the ADA Console, deleted Apps are never
removed from the applications table in the DB, just marked as inactive.

However, MTP reports on all traffic, regardless of whether the ADA Console
is reporting on it. The design intent for this behavior was to show a more
meaningful name other than Port XXXX if the application had ever been
defined on the ADA Console, but to tack on [Deleted] to indicate it s no
longer being monitored there.

> Application could be manually deleted from the applications table in the super db on the ADA
console. After the application is deleted via mysql command then re-sync
to the MTP would clear the application definition on the MTP.

So, example would be
"delete from applications where inactive=1 and usermodified like 'Y';"

I recommend contacting support first.


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