No Events in Spectrum from NPC

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We are using Spectrum 9.2.3 h10 and the NPC 6.1.194 NeTQoS integration (not IM 2.0)
No event nor alerts are getting to the Spectrum.
Sometimes, few events, here and there goes through …
Database in NPC “netqosportal’ table t_device has devices coming from few data sources under different name and IP address column is blank. So No IP address is coming in with 'device'.

SPECTRUM LOGS ‘stdout.log’
Apr 04, 2013 08:23:27 AM (PoolThread-248: GlobalPool => NetqosEventPoller:bcems025(0x100000)) (org.apache.axis2.transport.http.HTTPSender) - (INFO) - Unable to sendViaPost to url[http://bcems030:80/EventManager/EventManagerWS.asmx] Read timed out
at Method)

POSSIBLE SOLUTION: *worked for me
Under NPC Global Settings
Unchecked the check box [ ] Allow different devices to use the same private IP address
Note: If allowed, the device name is used to determine if two devices are really the same device.

In My example: Super Agent was source of events. Super Agent was sending devices with fully qualified name ( '') where spectrum saw devices as a computer name ( 'machine' ) so these were not same devices and IP address didn't populate. The reason why we had few event sent through once in a while its because some servers were recognized with IP address not name.

Kemal Ajan


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