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How to configure ENDEVOR to achieve world class change management.  A standard implementation will not suffice.  The primary purpose of ENDEVOR Software Change Manager is software change management.  Achieving world class software change management should be one of the top priorities when configuring ENDEVOR.  Think about risk exposures for bad outcomes and how you can configure ENDEVOR to avoid or reduce those risks.


1. Prove that there are no discrepancies between the ENDEVOR inventory and the libraries populated by ENDEVOR.

2. Secure the ENDEVOR libraries to prevent non-ENDEVOR updates.

3. Generate executables using current version input components.

4. Matching input component always moved to production when program elements are moved to production that were built with modified input component.

5. Ensure program elements are tested before being utilized in production when their input component is modified.

6. No unnecessary, same name, same output type, duplicate program elements in production.

7. Identify and archive retired and obsolete program elements.  Keep track of deletions.

8. Additional steps:  Processor messages, coding standards, Quick-Edit, change history retention, etc.