With version 3.6 REST API is available.

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Starting with version 3.6 REST API for configuration is available.
See the UCM Bookshelf 'REST API Guide' for details, but here is the brief.

Supports XML & JSON content types.
Enabled the ability to automate provisioning and configuration of:
add / edit / delete of locations / subnets
assignment of locations / dedia devices to quality thresholds

Both the REST API and the RIB Source are combined in the Web Container service.

Tasks available:
Create a location with initial subnet
Retrieve a list of locations
retrieve attributes for alocation
Change location properties
Retrieve a list of subnets
retrieve attributes for a subnet
Add a subnet to a location
Delete a subnet from a location
Retrieve a list of media devices
Retrieve a list of IP Domains
Retrieve a list of performance thresholds
Assign a location / media device pair to a quality performance threshold

If REST is totally new to you check out this post for recommendations.


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