Nolio KB: IIS 7 Action Library

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Below is a  Link that include a Database export of Sample flows For use with IIS7
You can import it to your system  (Supported from Nolio ASAP V3.2-334)
List of actions that include in the file:
1. Add an ISAPI Filter
2. Add SSL Bindings to Web Site
3. Change Application Pool .Net Framework Version
4. Change the Physical Path of Virtual Directory Content
5. Change the Physical Path of Web Application Content
6. Configure Account For IIS Impersonation Authentication
7. Configure Application Pool Worker Process Ping Interval and Response Time
8. Configure Idle Time-Out Settings for an Application pool
9. Configure Realm and Domain For Basic Authentication
10. Delete ISAPI Filter
11. Enable or Disable Anonymous Authentication
12. Enable or Disable Application Pool Automatic Startup
13. Enable or Disable ASP.NET Impersonation Authentication
14. Enable or Disable Basic Authentication
15. Enable or Disable Directory Browsing
16. Enable or Disable ISAPI Filter
17. Enable or Disable worker process pinging for an application pool
18. Remove SSL bindings from Web Site
19. Rename Application Pool
20. Set Credentials for Anonymous User
21. Start Web Site
22. Stop Web Site


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