Nolio Official KB: How do I execute a Memory dump or Thread dump?

Document created by MaryGreening on Jul 8, 2014
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In order to perform a Memory Dump or Thread Dump of a LRA Agent please follow the following directions.
* Instructions for LRA NAC can be found at the end of the article.
1. Open a web browser and enter <Nolio Agent IP>:8282 in the URL line. The credentials to access the JMX console are "nolio" (both username and password).
2. Choose the DeployerManager link.
3. Click on the Invoke buttons to perform the Thread Dump and Memory Dump operations.
4. The Thread dump output will be presented on screen. Please copy and paste this in an email to Nolio Support.
5. By Invoking a Memory dump, The Java Web interface will create memdump_*.bin file under Nolio agent root directory (e.g memdump_1315419795054.bin). Please zip this and sent it to Nolio Support.
* In order to Run memory and thread dump on LRA NAC servers there are two differences:
1. The port used to access JMX is 20203 and not 8282.
2. Memory and thread dumps "Invoke" option is listed under: 
Domain: com.nolio.nimi.jmx



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