Nolio Official KB: How do I clean the Java Web Start Cache?

Document created by MaryGreening on Jul 8, 2014
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There are two main reasons for cleaning the Web Start cache:
  • When the Nolio center version has changed since the last time you logged to it. a client in a version older or newer than the one previously used and that was installed on the same server (for example: If the user connected to "Server1" that has version 2.5, and after some time, "Server1" get a new version installed, the user will need to clean the cache). Note that there is no need to clean the cache if trying to connect to difference servers (even if they are different versions).
  • When, the user cannot open the Nolio GUI or The Nolio GUI opens but without presenting the content properly (for example GUI elements, such as buttons or trees, are missing.)
Cleaning the Web Start cache
1.Close the Nolio GUI.
2.Run javaws uninstall app.jsp from the command line.
3.If you get the error shown in the image below perform the following steps:
3.1   Close the Nolio UI
3.2   Run javaws viewer from the command line.
3.4   When the Java Cache Viewer  is open, sort the cached files by URL
3.4   Select all the files that are listed under the nolio-app.
3.5   In the toolbar click the X button (see image below).
Important! Do not directly delete the cached files from directory. Delete only the files listed here under the nolio-app folder.


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