ANT and LISA Test Configurations

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This document will help you, if you want to run/invoke lisa test from command line or any script.

  • Set environment variable
    1. ANT_HOME = C:\apps\apache-ant-1.9.2 (As per your installation structure)
    2. LISA_HOME = C:\Lisa_7.1.0.1043 (As per your installation structure)
    3. JAVA_HOME = C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_45 (As per your installation structure)
    4. PATH = ;C:\Lisa_7.1.0.1043\bin; C:\apps\apache-ant-1.9.2\bin (append in path variable)


  • Copy ant-junit-1.7.1.jar and junit-4.11.jar jar to C:\Lisa_7.1.0.1043\lib directory
    • Create file and set below mention properties
      # This is the properties file defining build properties for ant tasks

    • Create file and set below mention properties
      # This is the properties file defining LISA's custom ant tasks
    • Create below build.xml file
      <?xml version="1.0"?>
      <project name="${projectName}" default="lisaTests" basedir=".">
                <taskdef resource="">
                                                              <include name="lisa-modules.jar"/>
                                                              <include name="lisa-core.jar"/>
                                                              <include name="lisa-annotations.jar"/>
                                                              <include name="lisa-core.jar"/>
                                                              <include name="_misc-modules.jar"/>
                                                              <include name="_misc-core.jar"/>
                                                              <include name="_misc-annotations.jar"/>
                                                              <include name="emma.jar"/>
                                                              <include name="junit-4.11.jar"/>
                                                              <include name="ant-junit-1.7.1.jar"/>
                  <target name="lisaTests" description="Executes a LISA Test Suite as JUnit tests.">
                                 <echo message="Executes a LISA Test Suite as JUnit tests.( make sure old reports are deleted”/>
                                 <delete dir="${}"/>
                                 <mkdir dir="${}"/>
                                 <echo message="Run the lisa test in junit mode in base dir:${basedir}"/>
                                 <junitlisa toDir="${}" registry="${vs.sandbox.registry.url}">
                                               <jvmarg value="-Dlisa.tmpdir=${}"/>
                                               <lisatest suite="${vs.project.test.suite.dir}"/>
                                 <echo message="Generate junit style html report."/>
                                 <junitlisareport toDir="${}"/>
                                 <echo message="The JUnit report is available at ${}/index.html"/>
    • Done, please run ant from the directory where you have build file.
    • you are able to view results. feel-free comeback to me, if you have any difficulties.
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