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Remote Console is one of those undocumented, always been there, not supported, not tested, mostly works tools.

Yes that doesn't sound great but it can be convenient, so for what its worth here it is.

What it does is install a Console java client on your local PC and then it accesses the NV system so the Console runs on your local system as if you were running it on the NV server via remote desktop.

For the MC it will not show the Pollers.
It will not show Real Time Graphs, Reports, MIB Browse, and probably a few other things as well.

To install copy D:\netVoyant\netvoyant-console-7.1.99-win32-i586.exe from the NV system to your local system.

Run the setup and when prompted enter the name of the NV system you want to use it for.
The first time it is run, it may be necessary to point it to the location of javaw.exe on your system.

By design it works for only one remote system but it can be setup to work with multiple NV systems, but only one at a time. It is not possible to have multiple remote consoles open at the same time.

When launched it accesses this file.
The last line specifies the NV system name, which then reads this file.
C:\NetVoyant\classes\properties\servers\<NV server IP address>

Modify and Save As so that there will be a file for each system in the \servers folder, each file named the system name for one of the NV systems.

There can however be only one '' file. So it will be necessary to either swap files in and out of \NetVoyant\classes\properties\ or setup a script for batch file.


As of SP6 the Remote Console was removed from the base product and made available via a separate download at this location:


An updated version of the Remote Console was not released with SP7. I tried out the SP6 version and worked OK but extensive testing was not done.


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