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DBToolv3.exe can be used to repair the NetVoyant database.

If needed DBToolv3.exe is available from here:

Open a command box,
Change directory to the location of dbtool.exe
Run 'dbtoolv3 repair nms2'.

That said who wants to sit around monitoring a repair for a large database, but if you don't monitor it then problems will go undetected. The solution is to run the repair command piped to a file.

Run 'dbtoolv3 repair nms2 > repair.txt'.

The only way you will know it has completed is that it has returned to the command prompt, but this way we can see what it does without babysitting.

If it comes right back to the command prompt read the output file 'repair.txt' to see what the problem is. Typically it is a failure to connect to MySql, then add this to the system Path 'D:\NetQoS\MySql51\bin'.

Right click on My Computer > Properties > Advanced System Settings > Advanced > Environmental Variables > System Variables > scroll down to Path & double click > at the end of Variable value add

If the repair reports something like this for any of the tables then run it a second time.
'info : Wrong bytesec: 0- 0- 0 at 0; Skipped'

If it still reports the message then further steps will be needed.
I updated this changing it from DBToolv2 to DBToolv3 because there have been a few cased where the v2 version failed and v3 succeeded.


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