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The new version of DBTool, DBToolv3 adds optimization.

I've been using with noticeable improvements, and there is no need to stop NV to run it.
It will report each table as either 'Table is already up to date' or OK as in optimization OK. At the end it gives the total # of tables that it optimized.

It is available from here:

The same tool can be used for database backup, restore, and repair.

DBtoolv3 backup [database name] [path]
DBtoolv3 restore [database name] [path]
DBtoolv3 repair [database name]
DBtoolv3 optimize [database name]

DBtoolv3 backup nms2 D:\backup\nms2\
DBtoolv3 restore reporter D:\backup\reporter\
DBtoolv3 repair super
DBtoolv3 optimize em

- Works on mysql 3308 databases.
- Doesn't work on 3306 or 3307 databases.


The greater the database size the more it will help especially when it gets over 60gb.


Note: if performance is a problem at the system it is best to run this after hours.


The new thread can be found at RE: Database Optimization.

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