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The most common cause for the Console to not open is a problem with the database, but for those cases when it is something else and there are a number of things that can cause it, this doc will provide some tips.


When starting at the MC it connects to its database and then the database for each Poller, so for a MC the problem could be related to a Poller and not local.

Windows Service Manager
Windows Event Viewer
Windows Task Manager
Command line mysql
D:\netvoyant\logs - serviced.log
console in java.exe mode
command line serviced.exe

NV Services
NetQoS MySql51 Service
NetVoyant Email Scheduler Service
NetVoyant Name Service
NetVoyant Service Manager

NV Processes
nvnames.exe <--> NetVoyant Name Service
serviced.exe <--> NetVoyant Service Manager

If this is a new install make sure netvoyant-post-***.exe is installed and the system restarted.


A good first step is to run nvrestart and then restart the NetQoS MySql51 Service.

1 If the MySql51 service loads but none of the other services load then try command line mysql to see if it can connect.
If that fails to connect then reboot the system.

2 If NetVoyant Service Manager is the only one that does not start.
open a command prompt & run nvrestart
restart the NetQoS MySql51 service
try loading the Console again.
if the Console loads but the services don't start close the console and do nvrestart/mysql51 again.

3 Database corruption is usually recorded in the Windows Event Viewer Application log.

Run 'DBToolv3 repair nms2 > D:\Repair.txt (note if D: drive does not exist change the path)
If it reports something like this for any of the tables then run it a second time.
'info : Wrong bytesec: 0- 0- 0 at 0; Skipped'
If it still reports the message then further steps will be needed and it is best to contact Support.

4 After entering the NV user name & password does the console loading window show up?
No - use command line serviced.exe as detailed below.
Yes - take note of the text shown when it hangs.
If this is a MC and it shows connecting to a Poller database then go to the Poller generate a CIG report then close the Console, run nvrestart, restart MySql51 service, then open the Console.
Generating the CIG report prior to the restart will capture it in the problem state which will be lost by the nvrestart.
If the Poller Console opens then the MC Console should have loaded also.
If the Poller Console does or does not open run dbtoolv3 repair nms2.
Database corruption is the most likely cause for it to not open, and even if it did chances are there could still be corruption and so either way it is a good idea to run the repair.
If the Console is not hanging while connecting to a Poller then try java.exe mode

5 Console in java.exe mode
This will leave a command window open showing all the java calls taking place in the background.
It is most useful when the console loading window hangs.
Edit the NV Console Shortcut, in the target line, change javaw.exe to java.exe (javaw hides the java console and all of its error messages).
Edit D:\NetVoyant\classes\properties\
to the end
Be sure to remove the 'logLevel' line and add the 'w' back to the shortcut when done troubleshooting.

6 Command line serviced.exe
This is most useful when the console loading window does not open.
Open a command box & enter 'serviced -console'.

Example of a specific case.
D:\>serviced -console
omniORB: 2013-07-15 13:15:08.937000: Version: 4.1.3
omniORB: 2013-07-15 13:15:08.937000: Distribution date: Tue Sep 23 10:43:28 BST 2008 dgrisby
omniORB: 2013-07-15 13:15:08.937000: Warning: unable to create an IPv6 socket. Unable to obtain the list of IPv6 interface addresses (10047).
omniORB: 2013-07-15 13:15:08.937000: Initialising omniDynamic library.
omniORB: 2013-07-15 13:15:08.937000: Unable to set socket to listen on IPv4 and IPv6. Fall back to just IPv4.
omniORB: 2013-07-15 13:15:13.937000: throw BAD_PARAM from (NO,BAD_PARAM_BadSchemeName)
omniORB: 2013-07-15 13:15:13.968000: throw OBJECT_NOT_EXIST from (NO,OBJECT_NOT_EXIST_NoMatch)
omniORB: 2013-07-15 13:15:14.171000: throw UNKNOWN from (MAYBE,0x535500ca)
FATAL: at Mon Jul 15 13:15:14 2013
Unable to register with name service

For 'Unable to register with name service' try this:
Stop the NetVoyant services.
Locate the directory named orb.db which is usually located @
D:\NetVoyant\jre\bin\orb.db then rename orb.db to ob.db_org
Start the services.
Start the Console.
The folder should be automatically recreated.

How to set NV services in debug.
open a command box and enter:
mysql -P3308 nms2
update services set service_log_level=3;
insert into general (Attribute, Value) values ('FileLogLevel', '15');

To restore original values
mysql -P3308 nms2
update services set service_log_level=1;
delete from general where Attribute='FileLogLevel';

debug info is recorded into the service logs located at D:\NetVoyant\logs\serviced.log

NetVoyant Names service not starting.


1 port conflict


Run netstat to find out the PID of the process running on TCP ports 900 and 9608:

netstat.exe –a –n –o

Take note of the PID and find out what process is using the above ports with the Windows command below (for example for PID 4784):

tasklist /svc /FI "PID eq 4784"

Note that the Well Known port range is from 0 – 1023, registered ports run from 1024 – 49151, and the dynamic ports run from 49152 – 65535.


2 permissions to D:\NetVoyant\jre\bin\orb.db


3 A Poller was not able to connect to the MC due to a network problem.
In such a case to ensure polling continues the Poller comes up as standalone MC.
At the MC close the Console, stop the NetVoyant Names Service.
At the Poller close the Console, stop the NetVoyant Names Service.
At the MC start the NetVoyant Names Service, open the Console.
At the Poller start the NetVoyant Names Service, open the Console.
If it still does not work then close the Console and do a nvrestart at both system restarting the MC first.


Update from Christopher_Walsh
I have seen when the NetVoyant Service Manager won't start it is do to a bad license as well sometimes.
Was there a popup window reporting the problem with the license?
Any time there is a problem with licensing there should be a popup reporting it.
Also NV has gone to the new licensing as of SP4 which comes with default license files for MC & Poller.
Yes you are right, there is a popup window asking you to enter a serial number like below:

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