Frequently asked questions or issues experienced by CloudTest users.

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Please find the frequently asked questions or issues experienced by CloudTest users.  Below are 12 of the most common questions or issues that CloudTest users experience.



1)    While running a test my browser crashes or becomes unresponsive. I had to restart the browser. How do I find my test?

a.      The Activity menu will provide access to the Player Status options. Player Status Compositions will list all running compositions. Select the running Composition you wish to view.



2)    Windows Only. When you install Conductor you are given the option to install as a Service. Many customers select this option but this option should only be used if using Conductor for monitoring. Otherwise you cannot start the Conductor process since it is running a service. Therefore you cannot use Conductor to record a test, as you cannot start the Conductor Process.

a.      You will need to uninstall Conductor, remove the Conductor directory located in /program files/SOASTA and reinstall as a process.


3)    I recorded my test and played it back. However, nothing is being added/updated/removed/downloaded etc… but I get no errors. What is the problem?

a.      Recording and playback with no errors does not mean you have a successful test. Need to check the request and responses for the correct response

b.     Nearly every test will require the use of correlation. This is the process of finding and replacing dynamic data as the test is running. You can use the Session Template Package Wizard or the Session Template Wizard (a package is just a collection of templates).



iii.     There are also several pre-defined packages that can be applied. These can be seen if you select Session Templates from the left navigation menu.

c.      Training video – several in the Load Test Creation tab that discuss both


4)    Does CloudTest use a browser when playing back a test?

a.      No. CloudTest not invoke a browser. The test is performed at the protocol level. A CloudTest virtual user emulates the HTTP(S) traffic send to the server and will receive the response. However the response is not rendered in a browser. Browser render time is not included in the response time.


5)    I created my test in QA. Now I want to run against production? How do I change the URL I hit?

a.      Changing Targets is quite simple. There are two videos that explain various options for changing Targets.

i. Under the Advanced Topic tab are Changing Targets – Part 1 & Part 2

1.     Direct links to the videos –




6)    What is the difference between Static and Dynamic Resources?

a.      The difference is explained in this Technical Article -


7)    This visual programming logic but I want to do more technical operations? Do you support conditional logic or a programming language?

a.      Yes.

b.     Conditional logic




c.      JavaScript information

i.     Reference

ii.     Script Guide


8)    I started a test and now everything seems locked up? My CloudTest server is not responding. What happened?

a.      Could be more than 1 issue but the most common mistake people make is running a test from their ‘Main’. The main is the CloudTest server. While you can run a small test (few dozen depending on size and type of test) from the main it is recommended that any test be executed using load generators.

i.     Running from load generators (maestros in SOASTA verbiage) can be accomplished one of two ways

1.     Cloud Servers –



2.     Internal Servers

b.     The test may need to be stopped depending on how much load you tried to run on your main. If the server is not responsive you may need to restart the server via the CloudTest Administrative Console (internal deployment) or CloudTest Manager (EC2 deployment)


9)    I am trying to import a Clip/Composition/Seed Data object/etc…. and I get the error ‘The XML file is incompatible with this version of CloudTest’.

a.     ErrorMessage.png

b.     Exporting and importing between versions is allowed only from an older version to a newer version. You cannot export from a newer build and import into an older build. You cannot export from a older build and import into a build of the same or newer version.


10) I want shell access to the CloudTest Server

a.      If you have an appliance you can use the ‘admin’ username and password to SSH into the appliance. It does not have SUDO privileges.

b.     If you have an EC2 instance by default SSH by customers is not allowed.

c.      If customers want root access we do have an addendum to the Master Services Agreement that can be executed and we can grant access.


11) What ports need to be opened for CloudTest.

a.      The SOASTA Installation and Deployment Checklist provides that information. (Please see attached document. SOASTA Implementation Checklists v7.2.pdf)


12) Can I record a load test on a mobile device?

a.      Yes you can! Videos below demonstrate both iOS and Android. They can be found in the Training Video section in the CloudTest area. They are in the Load Test Creation tab.

i.     iOS direct link


ii.     Android direct links