Using Alert Queues for Categorizing Alarms

Document created by Sheryn Employee on Jul 29, 2014
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Alert Queues


You can display the alerts in a selected alert queue and view detailed information about a selected alert.

The Default queue is the only predefined queue.


Customer has created a queue called "Windows Server Users" internal customer;

and if SOI administrator views this queue he sees 51 critical and 421 minor alarms.

If the internal customer views the same queue he just sees 53 critical and 179 minor alarms.

The filter "All Alerts" was active in both cases.


Consider the following when viewing alert queues:


* You can see all non-service-impacting alerts and they can show in your

   alert queues. Because non service-impacting alerts are not associated with

   a service, they cannot be restricted with access privileges.

* You can see alert queues only to which you have access privileges.

* You can see alerts in alert queues only on the services to which you have

   access privileges. Therefore, any service that you do not have access

   privileges to view will not display service impacting alerts in your alert

   queues when the alert queue criteria are met.




We granted access to the services and now users of the specific user group can 

see all alerts.