Tech Tip: Changing the Listening Port for NFA 9.1 Harvesters

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Title: How to change the listening port for a harvester in NFA 9.1 (Windows and Linux)




The default listening port for a Harvester in NFA is 9995, which in earlier versions could be changed in the registry. Now this setting is in the Harvester Database on the Harvesters.




Log into the Harvester database on each Harvester you wish to update the listening port on with the command below:


mysql -P3308 harvester


Then run the update statement below to change the listening port:


update parameter_descriptions set defaultvalue=PortNumber where parameter='NetFlowPacketListenPort';


For example to change to 9996


update parameter_descriptions set defaultvalue=9996 where parameter='NetFlowPacketListenPort';


Then recycle the harvester services.


On Windows you can recycle the "CA NFA Harvester" service in the services console
On Linux you can recycle the Harvester service by running "service nfa_harvester restart"
The Harvester should now be listening on the new port.


**Please note, whenever making changes to your databases, you should perform a backup of your database as a best practice in case you need to revert back**



The filenames in the \CA\NFA\Netflow\datafiles\HarvesterWork directory should also contain the port number, e.g.:

After changing the port you should see the new port number rather than 9995.



This has also been published as a tech doc on at the link below.


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