Tech Tip: How to recreate local Vertica database

Document created by MarlosBarroso Employee on Aug 7, 2014
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If an MTP system goes down hard due to a power outage or hardware hang, it is possible the Vertica DB will become corrupted. For this reason, it is highly recommended that all MTP hardware be on UPS power backup. However, if this does occur it is usually not possible to recover existing data from the DB and it must be recreated.


If the Vertica database becomes corrupted and needs to be recreated, do the following:


1.    Log into the MTP Linux command line using the netqos account.

2.    sudo   /opt/NetQoS/scripts/  (stops all the daemon processes)

3.    sudo   /opt/NetQoS/install/  --new

4.    sudo   /opt/NetQoS/install/

5.    sudo  /opt/NetQoS/scripts/


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