Tech Tip: Copy of Custom Reports in NFA 9.2 does not allow the report to be queued

Document created by Christopher_Walsh Employee on Aug 7, 2014
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When trying to copy a Custom Report in NFA 9.2 you may run into this issue.


1) Create a new sample custom report, save it, and queue it.


2) Go back to the Custom Reports screen and click “new” and the click “Copy an existing report”, select the report created in step 1, and then click “next”.


3) When you get to the next screen you will see the option to “Queue Report” is grayed out like below:


4) If you go back to “Return to Listing” you will see that the copy of the report is created but not in a queued State.

Instead it will be in a “Created” state and it will not allow you to select and click run or go back and queue it through the Web UI.



To Resolve this issue a patch was created to correct this problem which can be downloaded from:


To Apply the patch:



1) Backup existing copy of the 'FilterClasses.asp' file from the '<InstallDir>\REPORTER\web\Common' directory on the NFA console server.



2)Copy new FilterClasses.asp file into '<InstallDir>\REPORTER\web\Common' on the NFA console server.



3)Try to copy the Custom Report again, this time the button to "Queue Report" will not be grayed out.


You should not need to recycle any services for the changes to apply.


4)(Optional)For reports that are stuck in the 'Defined' state from before applying the patch you can update their status to 'Queued' in the database using the steps below:


First get the ReportID(s) from the report_defintions table.


Login to mysql on the NFA Console server with:


Mysql –P3308 reporter


Then run the query below and find your copied report and make note of the ReportID for that report:


select ReportID, Name from report_definitions;


-Then you can use that ReportID in the query below in place of 'x' to set the state to queue, and then it will run shortly thereafter.


mysql -P3308 reporter -e "update report_definitions set status ='Queued' where status in ('Defined','Error','Complete') and reportID in (x);"


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