New Custom Virtual Interfaces not showing data in RA

Document created by Christopher_Walsh Employee on Aug 7, 2014
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If you create a Custom Virtual Interface in RA and are not seeing data, you should check that the CVI rule was deployed to the Harvester.

If you RDP to the Harvester and login to mysql with the command below:

mysql -P3308 harvester

Then check the virtual_circuits table to look for the CVI you created:

select * from virtual_circuits;

This will show a list of router IP's and subnet IP's which should help you determine if your CVI made it down to the Harvester.

If it is there, you may just need to be patient, as it can take several hours to start displaying data in RA.

If it is not there, you should check the \Netqos\reporter\logs directory for the ReporterAnalyzerManagerServiceLog*.log and search for the key word "virtual" and see if there are any errors deploying the virtual circuit.

Depending on what the error is, it may be best to then open a ticket with CA Support to advise on the best course of action.

Moving this thread to tech tips.

You can also simplify the command by running it on any server that has MySQL installed:

mysql -P 3308 -D harvester -h <IP or name of harvester server> -u harvest -pharvest -e "select * from virtual_circuits;"




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