Tech Tip: NFA 9.1 NetFlow Verification on Windows and Linux Harvesters

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In NFA 9.1 if you need to verify that NetFlow data is making to your Windows Harvester, there is a Support Tool available called NASTv13.exe (NetFlow Analysis Support Tool).
Many of you may remember the NFAParser tool from earlier versions of RA, and this tool works very much the same way.

The tool can be downloaded from the FTP link below to your Harvester where you want to verify NetFlow data.

To run it just double click the exe or run it from the command prompt.

This will pop up a command prompt window asking for you to choose how long of a report you want to run.

The default is 5 minutes, but you can run it for as little as 1 minute.

Note that the more data you have the longer this can run.

This will pop up an *.htm web page file that will display all of the raw NetFlow data for each device that is sending NetFlow to this router if the Netflow is being sent in the proper format.

So if you are missing a device or interface in NFA, please run this on your Harvester first to verify data is showing up. Many times in Support we will ask for this as a first step.

As for Linux Harvesters, this tool does not work there, however you can copy over the NFA files from the Linux harvester to a Windows harvester and run the NAST tool from that directory.
For more details on this please see the tech doc at the URL below.




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