Tech Tip: How to backup the CAPC database

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Log in to the server as root, or use the sudo account you configured for the installation.


Stop all of the CA Performance Center services, using the following commands:


/etc/init.d/caperfcenter_eventmanager stop
/etc/init.d/caperfcenter_devicemanager stop
/etc/init.d/caperfcenter_sso stop
/etc/init.d/caperfcenter_console stop


Change to a directory where you want to save the database archive, such as the following:


cd /tmp


Create a MySQL dump of the database using the following command:


/opt/CA/MySql51/bin/mysqldump netqosportal > netqosportal.sql


Note: During the installation, you are prompted to 'Select a Location for the MySQL Data Directory'. The default location is /opt/CA/MySql51/data.


Compress this backup to save space using the following command:


tar czvf netqosportal.tgz netqosportal.sql


Remove the uncompressed MySQL dump with this command:


rm netqosportal.sql


Start all of the CA Performance Center services using the following commands:


/etc/init.d/caperfcenter_eventmanager start
/etc/init.d/caperfcenter_devicemanager start
/etc/init.d/caperfcenter_sso start
/etc/init.d/caperfcenter_console start

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