Alert Synchronization with Custom Connector

Document created by Shaheen_Ahmed Employee on Aug 8, 2014
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Problem Description:

We have developed our custom connector, IsRemotable is set but the alerts are not synchronizing with the domain manager



-  Apart from IsRemotable property "Alert Synchronization" use case needs to be turned on, this is documented in Admin Guide "Working with CA Catalyst Synchronization" section.

- The SouthBound policy file should have <property name="InboundToConnectorTypes"> with value as Alert

- CA\SOI\tomcat\registry\topology\physical\node0\sor\syncfilters\alert_filter.xml should contain the custom connector name. After adding the connector name "registryloader" command should be run from its path ( CA\SOI\tomcat\registry). Verify if the "Alert Synchronization" setting is still enabled, if not reenable it and recycle CA SAM Application service.

- You'll have to run CA\SOI\Tools\Priming Utility\PrimerUtility command to synchronize alerts generated prior to your enabling the "Alert Synchronization" setting.