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Below is a list of Spectum related tech tips, knowledge base articles and other useful content. This content was originally posted by Community members, CA Support Engineers, and others participating in the CA Infrastructure Management community. Note: if you add links here, please add them at the top in the appropriate category.


Spectrum core

Tech Tip:  How to enable debug for Spectrum's telnet daemon (telnetd)

Tech Tip: How to add local IP address and hostname to the local_access_log

Technical Tip: Did you know you can chat live with a Spectrum Support engineer?

Spec KB:  Spectrum 9.3 H01 install fails with "Unsupported upgrade path" error

Spec KB:  Preventing IP Redundancy Preferred Addresses from being deleted from the RPA table

CA Spectrum R9.2(.3) migration/upgrade to CA Spectrum R9.3 without monitoring downtime

Tech Tip: How to check the total number of traps that have been received by a device since the last SpectroSERVER restart

Tech Tip: How to create a SpectroWatch on the Virtual Host Manager model in Spectrum?

Tech Tip: What are the entries under "Alarm Configuration" for an interface model for?

Tech Tip:  What is the difference between the attributes IfAlias (0x117Fe) and Internal_If_Alias (0x11f82)?

Tech Tip: How to change the Serial_Number of a device model in Spectrum

Spec KB:  After changing the hostname of the SpectroSERVER server, no longer able to connect via CLI

Spectrum KB: Nexus 5548 chassis models discovered as GnSNMPDev in Spectrum OneClick in versions prior to Spectrum 9.2.3

Spectrum Privileges

Technical Tip: Need to store value of additional attribute instance from threshold SpectroWatch attribute instance

Tech Tip - Is Spectrum 9.2 supported on Linux Redhat 6

Technical Tip:  How to pick up MAC address changes in Spectrum.

Spec KB:  Spectrum 9.3 upgrade takes a long time to complete the conversion

Spec KB:  In Spectrum/EEM integration AD (Active Directory) users are not found when searched from EEM console

Spec KB:  How to generate core dump files in Spectrum without truncation for Red Hat Linux

Tech Tip: Spectrum has arrived on Flipboard

Spec KB:  Does the OpenSSL vulnerability "Heartbleed" CVE-2014-0160 affect Spectrum Infrastructure Manager or its components?

How to Schedule Automatic Packet Captures Using tshark

Spec KB:  Is it possible to run multiple vCenter configurations on a single VCAIM ?

Spec KB:  Naming, NCM and Telnetd services not starting for CA Spectrum

Spec KB:  Error "hs is missing" when trying to start the CA Spectrum SpectroSERVER on Windows




Spec KB:  OneClick server.xml file contains the clear text password for the keystore

Spec KB:  Adding columns to OneClick list view

Spectrum KB : Java.io.IOException: Cannot recover key with Spectrum Oneclick SSL configuration

Spec KB:  NO CPU and Memory displayed in "Performance" tab and "Thresholds and Watches" subview for devices

Tuesday Tip: How to configure Backup Location server on OneClick server

Tuesday Tip: Adding firmware version column to locater search results list

Spec KB:  A Spectrum user is not able to change the model name in Oneclick

Spec KB:  Receiving error message in OneClick "Unable to render topology" for non-administrator users in OneClick

Technical Tip: How do I change the size of the OneClick Topology Applet?

SpecKB:  Spectrum is not able to evaluate the Static Global Collection rule

Spec KB:  How to display parent model name in a process down alarm

Spec KB:  Discovery failed



Network Configuration Manager (NCM)

How to automate the updating of the NCM local communication configurations



VPN Manager

Spec KB:  Requirements for using Spectrum VPN Manager in a Distributed Environment



Spectrum Report Manager (SRM)

Tech Tip- After upgrading to Spectrum 9.3, are your Infoview reports missing titles?

Spec KB: When attempting to create a report using the Web Intelligence Document and then Spectrum Ad Hoc MySQL EN universe an error: WIJ20002 is received.

Spec KB:  How to make Date type dimension filtering by time in Query Filter of WEBI report

Spectrum KB: Ad-hoc Report fails with: Cannot initialize Report Engine server. (Error: RWI 00226) (Error: INF)

Spectrum KB: Error code RCIRAS0546 when trying to export Spectrum Report Manager (SRM) reports to PDF format

Spectrum KB: SRM database migration from 9.1 to 9.2 fails with errors in import_remote_reporting_data.results

Spec KB:  What steps need to be followed to change the Infoview URL to use IP Address instead of hostname

Spec KB:  Receiving error message "Fail to open connection" when generating  any report in InfoView

Spec KB:  User is unable to login to Infoview with the user credentials from Spectrum OneClick

Spec KB:  Spectrum Report Manager Data Retention Policy and Data Retention Period usage



CABI (Reporting Database)

Spec KB:  CABI installation fail with Unable to find installed locale

Spec KB:  JSPs and Servlets vulnerability in Cabi 3.3

Spectrum KB: Which CABI version should be installed?

Tuesday Tip: Is it possible to use the attribute WA_Link when creating custom SRM Ad Hoc Reports

Tuesday Tip: Step by Step Upgrade from CABI 3.2 to CABI 3.3 on Windows

Spec KB:  Connection Server can't start after installing BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.1 Service Pack 3 ( CABI 3.2). This problem occurs when Microsoft patch KB2509553 is installed on the system




Tech Tip: CA Performance Center (CAPC) Spectrum Integration Discovery functionality details

Tech Tip: eHealth / Spectrum Integration

Spec KB:  When using CA Spectrum with CA VCAIM, after a server is discovered with SNMP, the model is moved automatically and prevents movement to another container

Spec KB:  Events from the Nimsoft integration are not mapping to the expected models in Spectrum.

Tech Tip: Performance Center Data Source Compatibility Matrix

Tech Tip: Which versions of ehealth are compatible with Spectrum 9.3 and 9.4?

Tech Tip: After integrating Spectrum with CAPC some models do not come over when the Spectrum data source synchs

Tech Tip - Spectrum / eHealth integration

Unregistering an NPC/CAPC data source

No Events in Spectrum from NPC

Tech Tips - CA PC / Spectrum integration when having device without FQDN.

Spec KB:  Spectrum Data Source in NPC fails to Sync

How To: Send a trap from NSM machine to another node (Spectrum)

Spec KB:  Spectrum is unable to generate service desk tickets with the error as "Configuration file is missing. Unable to create Service Desk ticket"

Spec KB:  EEM and SSO messages are filling up the tomcat logs