TECH TIP - Is your NFA processing flows very slowly?

Document created by Shaun_Ellis Employee on Aug 12, 2014
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Issue  - in NFA, versions 9.1/9.2

Is your NFA processing flows very slowly, so slow that it's causing a major backlog of files in folders and disk space to filling up causing continual pruning?

IE; For instance, the number of files in ReaperInput is processing but growing constantly.  In \NFA\Netflow\datafiles\ReaperInput


This may be due to having replaced disks with slower disks.


We saw this instance recently.... after much analysis by our CA partner and CA support ....


And the resolution - The problem created by the customer splitting the NFA disk into 2 logical RAID drives of about 500GB.
The customer saved the data off to a spare disk, then deleted the NFA partition E: and recreated it as 1 logical  RAID of size 1 TB and the performance improved significantly..
The customer had replaced the disks with bigger, but much slower disks.

Also, the old disks had 15K rpm the new disks only had 10K.


Before raising a case with CA support, if you see the scenario as mentioned above, please ask yourself, have we, or our end customer changed the disks recently, since this problem began? if you have or have not, please do raise a case with CA support if you find no solution in the CA knowledgebase, as there can be a number of reasons why you may see a problem with flows not being processed.