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Hi all.

  Reading the Update Collaboration Manager & Allow setting a collaboration manager for a project via XOG and/or process system action Ideas - many community members posted great thoughts & pieces of their solutions to this common problem, but no one had a fully supportable solution to share so I thought I'd try. A BIG THANKS to senthi for his xog-the-group-onto-the-resource approach - this was the genius way of looking at this problem that I was missing last time I wrestled with it.


  Attached is a Process that, for all active projects, will grant Collaboration Manager to a Project's PM if they are not already the Collaboration Manager for the project. Schedule this process to run once nightly and each night, for all new projects where the PM is not the Collaboration Manager, it will set the PM as collaboration manager. The Architecture for this solution uses a scheduled process with a GEL script that XOGs in a permission change on the PM - a fully supported and 'SaaS safe' solution for both On-Premise & On-Demand.



        - The PM does not have to be a participant on the project for this to work.

        - This is a simple additive process. It does not remove Collaboration Managers. The expectation is that the PM and/or other Collaboration Managers will own these management activities as necessary.

        - Other people have a need for 'Admin' to be granted Collaboration Manager on each project. It would be easy to modify the script to do this. Feel free to use this as a soup starter.

        - MSSQL and Oracle version are in the zip. Oracle has not been tested. Please let me know your Oracle results - we can update the zip if necessary.


    Installation Instructions:

        - Xog in appropriate process per database type.

        - Goto the process (OSUWMC Update Collaboration Manager), click on Steps, click on the Set PM to Collaboration Manager step, then click on the Set PM to Collaboration Manager Action.

        - On the Action, click on the Custom Script Parameters tab and set the username and password for an account with the appropriate XOG permissions and Save.

        - Validate and Test.