Tech Tip: Sending emails from NPC fails with "device is not ready or could not find path errors"

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When installing NPC in a non default path/drive you may run into a failure to send Emails from NPC.


This can happen when installing NPC on an NFA 9.1 or newer console server, as the default path for NFA is different then that of the NPC installer.


NFA will use C:\CA\NFA by default and NPC uses D:\NetQos\Portal.

When installing NPC on an NFA 9.1 or newer server NPC will be installed to C:\CA\NFA\Portal by default.


When sending emails via NPC, either manually or via a scheduled email, an error is reported in the web or the NPC logs that will say either:

The device is not ready.


Could not find a part of the path _D:/netqos/portal/WebSite/CSS/default/xsl/email/email.xml



NPC is hard coded to look for the email directory in D:/netqos/portal/WebSite/CSS/default/xsl/email/email.xml


To can be resolved by running the commands like below on the NPC server to update the email template path:

  mysql -P 3308 netqosportal


replace into general values ('EmailTemplatePath', 'C:/CA/NFA/portal/Website/CSS/default/xsl/email');


Then you may need to restart the NetQoS Device Manager service on the NPC server.


Note that your path may be slightly different so adjust the path used in the 'replace into...' mysql statement with your correct path.