Recently published knowledge base articles for CA IDMS

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Here is a list of recently published knowledge base articles for CA IDMS:

TEC615368 - How to remove an IDMS unlicensed product?

Since IDMS 18.x, specifying what IDMS products you intend to use are determined during the Configuration process by means of Product Intent Module RHDCPINT. However when some IDMS products are no longer licensed, you are required to remove them. This article describes how to remove the IDMS product.


TEC615373 - What is the simplest way to punch/pull all the ADSO components for a particular application to reload another CV/dictionary.

The most advanced methods to migrate components between CV/dictionaries involve CA-Endevor/DB and CA-Dictionary migrator. These products monitor changes to your dictionary components and take the guess work of the migration.


TEC615281 - Trying to access existing application in ADSA gives DC450102 Application does not exist

When trying to access existing application in ADSA it returns error message

DC450102 Application xxxxxxxx version nnn does not exist; select ADD to create


TEC615204 Trying to load subschemas from the dictionary load area in batch gives error DB347003 or error status 1474

When trying to load subschemas from the dictionary load area in batch you may sometimes see error message DB347003 subschema not found or error status 1474


TEC615205 DCMT Shutdown Immediate from a UCF line causes an F001 abort in RHDCUCFZ

Doing a DCMT SHUTDOWN IMMEDIATE command from a UCF line sometimes causes an abort in RHDCUCFZ with code F001


DC201006 Vnn Tnnn U ABORT RHDCUCFZ ABT=F001 nn BATC xxxxx 255


TEC615206 What do I need to download to install all of my IDMS products in release 18.0 and 18.5?

As from IDMS 18.0, whether you use MSM or install from a pax file, the SMP/E part of the install will install all IDMS products. This way every CA IDMS client will have the same modules installed, the same SMP/E environment, regardless of which products you want to use.


TEC549867 IDMS 18.0/17.0 installation library name cross reference

The IDMS 18.0 installation uses several different library names from the IDMS 17.0 installation. This article will provide a cross reference of the library names.


TEC615133 Getting error DC396003, where can I find the socket error numbers documented?

You may receive the following error message DC396003 Vn Tnnn Socket error, function = RECV, errno = 1121, reason = 76650446 The socket errno and reason codes are not documented in the CA IDMS documentation.


TEC615134 OLP executed without any time parameters displays a status of XSREC resulting in empty display screen. What is the cause of this status?

OLP executed without any time parameters displays a status of XSREC when first started up resulting in empty display screen


07:18:01 2014-04-03 07:48:01 2014-04-03 001 OFF 0000 (WT/TR/DU/) 040 XSREC