Tech Tip: /etc/init.d/trapexploder file has incorrect value at line 96

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In /etc/init.d/trapexploder

The following line is incorrect, because variable $CONF is not declared. Also the executable name 'trapexploder' is used instead of $DAEMON as is elsewhere.


nohup su $USER_NAME -c "$TRAPXDIR/bin/trapexploder -p $PORT -f $CONF 1>> $TRAPXLOG 2>&1" &


Affected Version:

eHealth on Linux




1. Create a log directory(if it doesn't exist) in the trapx folder and give write access to the user configured during installation.

2. Replace line 96 of /etc/init.d/trapexploder file


from : nohup su $USER_NAME -c "$TRAPXDIR/bin/trapexploder -p $PORT -f $CONF 1>> $TRAPXLOG 2>&1" &

to : nohup su $USER_NAME -c "$TRAPXDIR/bin/$DAEMON -p $PORT -f $CONFFILE 1>> $TRAPXLOG 2>&1" &


3. Start trapexploder using command : /etc/init.d/trapexploder start