CA LISA Community Office Hours Transcript – August 19, 2014

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CA LISA Community Office Hours Transcript – August 19, 2014


Roger Sun to Everyone: Are there ways to make Deploying a VSM dependent on privileges such as Active Directory? My company would like a core team to manage the deployment process


Chris Kraus to Everyone: Hello Roger, in the 7.1-7.5.2 versions of ACL (Access Control) in CA Service Virtualization you can only control access to a VSE Server.  So you can bring up separate VSE Servers for different teams.  We are currently looking at added the next level down of control like you are asking for.  To say for a specific virtual service who can turn it on, off, or change mode.


Roger Sun to Everyone: Good to know


Ian Kelly to Everyone: @Roger We also freed up our licensing to better support this model - We allow unlimited numbers of VSE Servers. This allows your teams to both control access and have their own place to work.


Roger Sun to Everyone: @Ian, my company is currently on 7.5, still getting more departments on board. Does that license change apply to us too?


Ian Kelly to Everyone: @Roger You are automatically converted once you renew maint. 


Ian Kelly to Everyone: @Roger What strategy has worked best to onboard new departments?


Roger Sun to Everyone: @Ian - We have a COE that'll get people up to speed by disseminating job aids and establishing templates/standards. We're virtualizing one department's services for a project they're working on, and we're trying to get more people interested in the possibilities.


Ian Kelly to Everyone: @Roger - Sounds great, its quite a thing once an entire Org understands the value of Service Virtualization


Chris Kraus to Everyone: @Roger, I can't find the details of your license at this moment.  I would check with your sales guy to see how your license will move to new model.


Roger Sun to Everyone: @Chris, will do


Mary Greening - CA to Everyone: @Roger, do you have anything else we can help you with? If not, we will be wrapping up in about 5 minutes. 


Roger Sun to Everyone: Those are all my questions, thanks