CA LISA Office Hours Transcript for April 29, 2014

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Mary Greening - CA to Everyone:             Hi Everyone. Let's get started.  Type your question in the chat box.


Utham Kumar N S to Everyone:     1. JDBC Virtualization: The current procedure to capture JDBC is transactions is very tedious and often the dependent teams do not support or open to the idea of changing class paths , drivers , agents . Can’t we have a much simplified way of doing JDBC service virtualization?


Chris Kraus to Everyone:               @Utham Kumar,   Thanks for the question, we currently don't support recording on the wire but we are doing research into that area.  The new approach usign the Pathfinder Agent solves limitation in the Sim driver, the agent moves up the stack to DAO so it is less chatty, the conversations follow the code path vs guess thread switching on a shared driver, it support data type casting in java and it supports Oracle stored procedures.


Utham Kumar N S to Everyone: @Chris Kraus.. Thanks for the answer. I am actually quite happy with the range of technology supported. However ease to use or time taken to create a JDBC virtual service is something that needs to be looked in.. right?


Tom S to Everyone:         1.    It’s great that we now have a “Group” column along with a way of only viewing a specific group in the LISA Console.  But I am questioning future enhancements along these lines.  Can we view several “Group ID’s” at the same time? Right now we can either see one group or all groups.  Also, is there a way to protect a group from others?  I am talking about the accidental deletion of a virtual service by someone from a different group


Stefana Muller to Everyone:       @Tom - we are looking into Access Control at the group level.  On your point of viewing more than one group at once, would you envision a select screen to select the groups to view? Is the sort not enough?


Tom S to Everyone:         @Stefana Muller - I'll suggest to my teams to use the sort although a team may assign groups not in alphabetic order.  Assignment of Access Control sounds like a good idea in the future.


Jayant Chatterjee to Everyone: Is there a LISA process to clean up the backend database for Performance testing? After Performance testing, even with only the metrics that we want, we see a large number of records getting created (millions). I did not find a LISA mechanism/ property to keep clearing these records.


Arif to Everyone:              @Jayant - In general the data in the database is needed for reports so we dont clean it up after the test but there is purging capability which can auto purge based on the set time line I believe default is 30 days but configurable.


Jayant Chatterjee to Everyone: @Arif - There is a property for VS purging after 30days (configurable). But there is no such property for Performance test.


Chris Kraus to Everyone:               @Jayant - please refer to the administration manual database maintenance to set the auto cleanup job


SHIRIN VADLAMUDI to Everyone:            We have noticed that Lisa 7.5 doesn’t currently have the option to choose a local coordinator while kicking the scripts from QC. By default the QC execution picks up the server coordinator


Stefana Muller to Everyone:       @Shirin - In the staging doc you can specify the coordinator to run in.  If you name the coordinator in the staging doc "LOCAL" LISA will use the local coordinator and QC runner vs. a remote coordinator.


SHIRIN VADLAMUDI to Everyone:            @Stefana - with the current plugin implementation, it does NOT allow for QC to run against a local coordinator.


James Warner to Everyone:        Debugging web services in the ITR is difficult because you cannot run a test script while debugging.  Any way around that just using LISA?


Stefana Muller to Everyone:       @James - You can run multiple ITRs.  are you talking about a VSE Model or a Test?


James Warner to Everyone:        @Stefana Muller – Testing (running) a VSE model blocks the workstation from doing anything else.


Stefana Muller to Everyone:       @James - ITR is meant to help debug test cases. For Virtual Services there is an "inspection view" in the web console to help determine if something is going wrong.  On a VS in web console, select "Show inspection view for selected virtual service" to see this detail.


James Warner to Everyone:        @stefana - I do use the inspection tool, but the ITR gives more info.  I discovered that I can run 7.0 and 7.5.1 together.  I run the ITR in one and run the test script in the other.  Is using two versions at the same time a risk?


James Warner to Everyone:        @Stefana - for MQ VSMs, I can single step thru the VSM ITR and the Test Script, but cannot do that with Web Services.


Stefana Muller to Everyone:       @James - It sounds like what you are doing on the MQ side should work for webservices - could be a bug... maybe start with support and see if something isn't working correctly.


Bakul Ghughal to Everyone:        When I deploy LISA test suite as monitor to CVS there’s a place to notify who gets email after every test run. Is there any way to send email only if test case fails instead of sending status email every single time?


Chris Kraus to Everyone:               @Bakul Ghughal - please set the lisa.config properyt NOTIFY_ON_FAIL with the e-mail address you want to receive failure notices


Bakul Ghughal to Everyone:        @Chris Kraus - where would I set this property? (sorry for basic questions - new to LISA)


Jayant Chatterjee to Everyone: Currently there is TCP Listen and Respond step for TCP Virtualization. When can we have a TCP step to fire messages to a TCP interface?

Hareesh to Everyone:    Is there any plan to add more configurable 'Metrices' to Lisa Server Console in future releases?

Jayant Chatterjee to Everyone: @Hareesh - exactly. Currently the reporting features and metrices are very hard to read


Ian Kelly to Everyone:    @Hareesh Are there specific metrics which would be helpful to your teams?  We are looking closely at how we can improve the reporting and the usefulness of data produced.


Hareesh to Everyone:    @Ian - It would be great if you could add few filters to the Metrices as well to filter a range of date/time, different units of measure


Ian Kelly to Everyone:    @Hareesh Please feel free to add all of your ideas to the Community and we can better manage and collect these request details


Hareesh to Everyone:    @Ian: Thanks


Tom S to Everyone:         Can we virtualize a database without using PathFinder?  Is there documentation?


Utham Kumar N S to Everyone: @Tom S you can do it with driver\agent


Mary Greening - CA to Everyone:             As a follow up to the product managers' specific responses to enhancement requests, I am providing a link to the IDEAS tool in the community:


Ian Kelly to Everyone:    @Mary - Thanks that’s the perfect place to put Reporting and Metrics requests


Tom S to Everyone:         3.    It would be great if there was a repository somewhere where we could download sample projects (with test cases) to help us jump-start some of our initiatives. Among some helpful topics: MQSeries, req/rsp creation of virtual service, WDSL creation of virtual service, from scratch using Generic XML parser (where we assign attributes and arguments in XML), etc., -you get the idea.


SHIRIN VADLAMUDI to Everyone:            Is there any plan to add more date range search features in enterprise dashboard for Lisa 7.5  as it currently allows only to search on the top of hour ?


Chris Kraus to Everyone:               @Shirin - The metrics/counts are collected and totaled at the top of the hour so the search criteria is set to the top of the hour. The totals are basically hourly buckets


SHIRIN VADLAMUDI to Everyone:            @ Chris - if I were to look at the snapshot of all the users connected to Lisa registry at any given moment, current dashboard search capability doesn’t provide me with this feature as it collects and totals at a minimum of 1 hour interval


Utham Kumar N S to Everyone:     3. Product documentation, although is very detailed, does not cover all the basic topics in detail. For example, current documentation does not give a clear picture on what is *.vmoptions file is? , what properties can we have in the file and its significance


Stefana Muller to Everyone:       @Utham - if there are things you need in doc and don't see, we can definitely look into adding them in. I do see a few topics on .vmoptions file. You likely

need more... what is missing?


Utham Kumar N S to Everyone: @Stefana... .vmoptions can be used to point a server component to, name a logfile etc.. but this information is not directly available from documentation. I often get confused with what properties can be or cannot be added to a vmoptions file. A much cleared documentation would help.


Stefana Muller to Everyone:       @Utham - Makes sense.  Would a sample file work? or list of properties and sample settings?


Utham Kumar N S to Everyone: @Stefana  list of properties and sample settings would work


Stephen S. to Everyone:               Does LISA support Mutual Auth SSL (aka MASSL)?


Stefana Muller to Everyone:       @Stephen S. - We support MASSL in LISA Test and VS Recording.  It is not enforced at VS Playback as we do not want to create additional constraints to your environment (i.e. user must be authenticated before using VS).  We did receive some enhancements to this via IDEAS.  Check it out and let us know if that is something you need too (i.e. vote for it).


Tom S to Everyone:         4.    Your current LISA 7.5 User’s Guide is 961 pages and is somewhat intimidating. Surely there must be a better way of breaking this up into several guides by topics: Lisa Console, Lisa Workstation, Pathfinder, VSE, etc.


Paul O'Kelly to Everyone:             @Tom - Are you accessing the online documentation or just looking at the PDF? Our documentation bookshelf is currently broken up into separate guides for VSE and Pathfinder. The search feature through the bookshelf should help you find what you are looking for. Is there specific information that you are unable to find?


Tom S to Everyone:         @Paul O'Kelly - If am searching for something in the User's Guide, like "properties", I get too many unrelated hits. (If I am looking for "how to use virtual service properties").  Can this guide be broken up into sections?


Paul O'Kelly to Everyone:             @Tom - The bookshelf search does search across the entire bookshelf. To restrict your search to a specific guide, you can open the PDF for a specific guide and perform your search there to restrict the search to a specific guide. We are currently investigating the benefits of restructuring this content into more specific functional areas.


Tom S to Everyone:         @Paul O'Kelly - ok thank you!


Ian Kelly to Everyone:    @Tom same for your ideas - Those are very helpful in refining our future product and approaches.  Feel free to add them to the Ideas area of the Community site


James Warner to Everyone:        Someone mentioned purging VS from a VSE after a time period. Is that documented somewhere?


Hareesh to Everyone:    You can probably add an 'intellisense' or a 'quick help' inside the Java Script step for beginners


Utham Kumar N S to Everyone: Also ability to comment "steps" in the model .. will help in debugging\development


Jayant Chatterjee to Everyone: Currently there is TCP Listen and Respond step for TCP Virtualization. Is there a plan to have a TCP step to fire messages to a TCP interface?


Hareesh to Everyone:    @Jayant:  You are referring to TCP Step with Lisa Test right?  Yes, that would be also be a good step


Jayant Chatterjee to Everyone: @Hareesh - Yes. In LISA Test. Currently we are testing with a code with Java Script step.. but it is hard for other people to understand.


Hareesh to Everyone:    @Jayant:  You are right.  It would be great if there is a TCP Step for it


Chris Kraus to Everyone:               @Jayant - if you use the Socket Server Emulator step - from drop down select "Response only" and it will just write on a socket and not expect a response.  If you use the "listen only" it will just wait for a inbound request.  So if you want to fire and forget use "respond only"


Jayant Chatterjee to Everyone: @Chris - Thanks! I would try that.


Hareesh to Everyone:    @Chris:  Nice idea...:)


Hareesh to Everyone:    @Stefana:  Regarding documentation, we can add few topics like - how to customize vsm by adding a step (say java script step), re-route steps within vsm with custom assertion (few samples would do), More information into Performance Tuning, More information on how to analyze Inspection View with different log level settings. This would definitely help each one of us in debugging, especially fresh-handers


Stefana Muller to Everyone:       @Hareesh - this is a good list - thank you.  Any chance you can also submit this request in the Ideas portal so that we can track it? Our doc team reviews these enhancements as well as our product team.


Hareesh to Everyone:    ok


Hareesh to Everyone:    Thanks Stefana


Paul O'Kelly to Everyone:             @Tom - The bookshelf search does search across the entire bookshelf. To restrict your search to a specific guide, you can open the PDF for a specific guide and perform your search there to restrict the search to a specific guide. We are currently investigating the benefits of restructuring this content into more specific functional areas.


Bakul Ghughal to Everyone:        can anyone point me to documentation or how to do this - "please set the lisa.config properyt NOTIFY_ON_FAIL with the e-mail address you want to receive failure notices"


Stefana Muller to Everyone:       @Bakul - I don’t see the doc either. Here's some steps: Open the project in LISA Workstation, under Configs, select the "Project" config and open it.  You should see the Properties Editor.  Use the plus sign at the bottom to add a property,  then click on the field added to see the drop down and select "NOTIFY_ON_FAIL".  Type the email address into the "Value" field.


Hareesh to Everyone:    I am not sure if this question has been asked: When we enable ACL in Lisa, does anyone experience slowness in loading server console, logging into Workstation, etc. when compared to it disabled?  Just would like to know if there is any easier way to improve this.


Stefana Muller to Everyone:       @Hareesh - we haven't noticed a latency. Are you using LDAP integration?  What database have you deployed on?


Hareesh to Everyone:    @Stefana:  No LDAP. Database is SQL Server.  So, do you think this could be spefic issue? Then support ticket would help I guess, right?


Stefana Muller to Everyone:       @Hareesh - i think that would be a good idea.  How many users do you have? (trying to see if we can simulate it)


Mary Greening - CA to Everyone:             Hi Everyone: We have 4 more minutes and then we need wrap up.  The transcript will be posted on the LISA Community General Discussion Message Board.


Hareesh to Everyone:    I have another suggestion to enhance Lisa UI with more keyboard shortcut options of save/copy/paste/delete etc for all components like tests/vsi/vsm


Stefana Muller to Everyone:       Thanks everyone


Hareesh to Everyone:   Thank you


Stefana Muller to Everyone:       @Hareesh - that's in the IDEA already - go vote on it!


Bakul Ghughal to Everyone:        @Stefana - thank you


Hareesh to Everyone:    @Stefana: Sounds good.  Thanks


Mary Greening - CA to Everyone:             Thank you for participating everyone!