Tech Tip: Service availabilty report generated for ALL services instead of for a specific service

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If we highlight a specific service in the SOI dashboard, select the "Availability" tab and click on the pie chart to generate a report, a report for ALL services is generated. It does not generate a report for the single specific service that was selected.


This problem symptom can be worked around by following the steps below



Keep in mind, that when you delete the existing reports, it will also delete

  scheduled report instances.



1. Select Start, Programs, BusinessObjects XI 3.x, BusinessObjects

Enterprise, BusinessObjects Enterprise Central Management Console.

The Central Management Console login page opens.


1. Enter credentials.


2. Click Log In.


The BusinessObjects Enterprise Central Management Console Home page opens.

3. Click Folders.


4. Double-click CA Reports.

The CA Reports page opens.


5. Select CA Service Operations Insight, and click Manage, Delete.

The Home screen opens again.


6. Select Universe Connections from the CMC Home drop-down list.

The Universes page opens.


7. Expand the Universes and CA Universes folders, select CA_SOI, and click

Manage, Delete.

The CA_SOI Universe is deleted.


8. Select Users and Groups from the drop-down list.

The Users and Groups page opens.


9. Select SAM Reports and click Manage, Delete.

The SAM Reports group is deleted.


After completing the steps above, import the reports using the

import wizard.


***** Refer to the attached step by step guide(Import wizard for SOI .doc).  ********


Then recycle the Tomcat and BO services.