Tech Tip Rollup (2014 - 2016)

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Tech Tips offer information to the community and are specific to a product.  Tech Tips are generally authored by CA Support Engineers but on occasion community members author tech tips which we think is fantastic!  This document will be a one stop location for tech tips created in the 2014-2016 timeframe. 


December 14, 2016: Tech Tip: IBMVM Rest Implementation On CCC/DM Server 


December 1, 2016: Tech Tip: Capacity Manager server number limit


November 7, 2016: Tech Tip: HOTFIX for mapping of existing data after upgrade to CCC 2.9.4 in connection with ‘CLUSTER_ID issue with VMware DB Data Adapter (DE224760)’ 


August 16, 2016: Tech Tip: HOTFIX for ‘Regression Value Issue in BH_ROLLUP_HISTORY table’ (00369439/DE166263) 


May 12, 2016: Tech Tip: HOTFIX for ‘CCC spreadsheet download is very slow’ (DE161353)


May 9, 2016: Tech Tip: HOTFIX for ‘Performance issue with Virtual Placement Manager’ (DE161353)


May 3, 2016: Tech Tip: HOTFIX for ‘Data Adapter for VMware not correctly showing active/inactive VMs in CCC/CCR reports’


May 3, 2016: Tech Tip: HOTFIX for ‘CPU and memory data not displayed for VMs in CCC 2.9, 2.9.2, 2.9.3’ (DE54504)


March 29, 2016: Tech Tip: HOTFIX for ‘Data Missing from REGRESSION_VALUES’ in CCC 2.9 and 2.9.2 (DE53359)


March 23, 2016: Tech Tip: CCC help link patch


March 15, 2016: Tech Tip: Rollups taking an increasing amount of time to complete daily?


February 4, 2016: Tech Tip: Server not available in CML


February 4, 2016: Tech Tip: Updated Hardware Model Libraries are available for download


January 21, 2016: Tech Tip: How do I get access to download Software from CA Technologies


January 15, 2016: Tech Tip: Server not available in CML


November 24, 2015: Tech Tip: How to Install Current Capacity Reporter (CCR) on Windows Server 2012 R2


November 20, 2015: Tech Tip: No Datasources are available when clicking on the drop down for Datasource during the Current Capacity Reporter (CCR) 1.5 install in the Connection to Datasource dialog.


November 5, 2015: Tech Tip: While performing a cml update for CCC, see many repeating Oracle ORA-06550 and ORA-00942 errors in the output.


October 27, 2015: Tech Tip: Future dates in CCC chart


October 16, 2015: Tech Tip: NetQOS Device Manager Service fail to start


October 15, 2015:  Tech Tip: Get HTTP 500.19 - Internal Server Error after clicking on Test button during set up of Data Manager Data Source in CCR


October 6, 2015: Tech Tip: HTTP Error 404.17 when trying to access the Current Capacity Reporter (CCR) web page


September 28, 2015: Tech Tip: CSV override server configurations


September 23, 2015: Tech Tip: Capacity Manager error Unknown Error connecting to Data Manager


September 18, 2015: Tech Tip: CCR Reports Access Denied


August 21, 2015: Tech Tip: Data Manager: An error occured while processing your request.  DAOFactory:getConection:Unable to get connection.


July 10, 2015: Tech Tip: During install of ccc, received error: Installation failed because an error occurred while attempting to modify the database schema.


June 30, 2015: Tech Tip: CCR - HTTP Error 500.19 when adding DM datasource


June 9, 2015: Tech Tip: DM Groups Data Load Report shows "Error: No rows loaded for ID xx".


June 1, 2015: Tech Tip : Err - The solution kit cannot be installed in CCC 2.8\2.9


May 29, 2015: Tech Tip: Changing CCR default max row setting of 10 has no effect.


May 13, 2015: Tech Tip : If you choose to run database schema scripts manually and install only the WebApp and DB Scripts


May 11, 2015: Script to create CCC tablespaces, CCC user name and Grant Privileges


May 6, 2015: Tech Tip: CCR report shows error [Oracle][ODBC][Ora]ORA-01013: user requested cancel of current operation


March 24, 2015: Tech Tip: capman_da probe won't start due to error: Nisapi is not accessible at localhost:8006


February 12, 2015: Tech Tip: Getting 404 message when trying to access ccc - recently upgraded Java.


January 23, 2015: Tech Tip: Data Manager 4.x - Custom DA for MySQL, column aliases


January 13, 2015: Tech Tip: Get a NetQoS Upgrade Browser page when accessing CA Current Capacity Reporter site with IE 11.


November 14, 2014: Tech Tip :  CCR exception reports shows no data for High or Bottom dashboards


November 6, 2014: techtip : Can we use oracle 12 with CCC 2.6


November 6, 2014: Techtip :  Where to find additional Documentation for CCC.


November 5, 2014: Tech Tip : Hardware models for Oracle Exalogic and Oracle Exadata severs


November 5, 2014: Tech Tip : Uploading Server configuration spreadsheet fails in Capacity Manager


November 5, 2014: Tech Tip : Authorizations for the Oracle database - a justification


November 4, 2014: Tech Tip : Enable HTTPS in CCC/DM


October 27, 2014: Tech Tip :  CCR exception reports shows no data for High or Bottom dashboards


October 16, 2014:  Tech Tip: Data Manager keeps logging you out?


August 19, 2014:  Tech Tip: Aliases not applying to CCC or DM


August 14, 2014: Tech Tip: Unable to send emails with CCR


August 5, 2014: Tech Tip: No data in reports after updating CCR


July 31, 2014: Tech Tip:  Are Staging and Migrations taking a long time?


July 31, 2014:  Tech Tip: New Hardware Model Library Updates