DB maintenance with soitoolbox

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The complete list of options that can be used with this utility can be found by running:


SOI\tools\Soitoolbox --help


Soitoolbox utility requires all the machine names where SOI components including the DB is installed, it also requires the user names and password to stop the services on those machines. DB access name and password is also required. You can either provide all these information using the soitoolbox options or you can use the soitoolbox.cfg file preconfiguring it with the information before running the command. The soitoolbox.cfg file contains example on how to configure it and is self-explanatory.


To generate the soitoolbox.cfg you’ll have to run:


SOI\tools\soitoolbox –x


Here is an example of how to purge the historical data from the DB using the preconfigured soittolbox.cfg. Please backout the DB before running any command to purge the data.


SOI\tools\soitoolbox –x --cleanHistoryData=<olderThanXDays>


Note: Replace <olderThanXDays> with actual number of days you would like keep the data for, e.g. , 90 days will keep data for that many days and purge the rest. In some situation you’ll have to provide the timeout value with –t option if you have too much data that needs to be purged. The command syntaxes are case sensitive.

Here is an example on how to run the soitoolbox without the preconfigured soitoolbox.cfg file. You’ll have to stop all SOI services manualy or you can use the SAM_Services.cmd command (located in SOI\jsw\bin folder) to stop and start the services.


soitoolbox -m <db server name> -d <SAMStore> -u <dbusername> -p <db user password> --dbArchivename=<SOIArchiveDB> -- archiveHistoryData=<olderThanXDays>


Note: The above command will move the data and archive them. This will allow you to restore them later if needed. The command syntaxes are case sensitive.


Once the data is purged you can use the utility to rrebuild the indexes, see soitoolbox --help for more information.