Tech Tip: Traps stop displaying in Live Exceptions.

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If you see:


  • Traps stop displaying in Live Exceptions.
  • The "nhiLiveExSvr -trapsOnly" process is running.
  • The traps are being received as confirmed in the trapexploder.log as well as the $NH_HOME/log/traplog.*bin files.
  • The $NH_HOME/data/liveEx/trapAnalysisData.laf stops being updated.
  • A $NH_HOME/data/liveEx/ may exist.


This indicates the trapAnalysisData.laf may be corrupted.


To correct:


  • Stop eHealth:

nhServer stop

  • Rename the $NH_HOME/data/liveEx/trapAnalysisData.laf and $NH_HOME/data/liveEx/ files if it exists.


  • Start eHealth:

nhServer start

The $NH_HOME/data/liveEx/trapAnalysisData.laf should be recreated.


Verify traps are now being displayed in the LiveExceptions browser.


You may need to restart the LiveExceptions browser for the traps to display