Tech Tip: CA Remote Engineer (CARE) in PM 2.3.4

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In CA Performance Management 2.3.4, the CA Remote Engineer (CARE) tool is now installed with

the four components.


The location of the CARE tool and instructions for running are noted below:


Using CA Remote Engineer

The CA Remote Engineer (CARE) tool gathers data that a CA Support Engineer can use to help you troubleshoot a problem. CARE contains configuration files in its scripts directory for every product that CARE supports

CARE is installed when you install CA Infrastructure Management components:


Installation Directory

CA Performance Center


Data Aggregator


Data Collector


Data Repository

The Data Repository installer extracts CARE to the /opt/CA/IMDataRepository_vertica7 directory.

Run to copy CARE to each node in the cluster in the /opt/CA/RemoteEngineer directory.

When prompted by a CA Support Engineer, take the following steps to run CARE to collect troubleshooting data"

Follow these steps:

  1. At a command prompt, navigate to your installation directory:


            cd install dir

  2. Enter the following command:




    3. When prompted, enter one of the following, depending on where you are running CARE:

    • CAPC
    • IMDataAggregator
    • IMDataCollector
    • IMDataRepository

    4. When asked whether you want to FTP the CARE files to CA Support, provide one of the following responses:

    • y The CARE files are sent to CA Support.
    • n The CARE files are saved in a ZIP file that you can manually deliver to CA Support.