IUA Registration Form - TechCon 2014

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Since it seems that people are having problems finding the IUA/CA IDMS TechCON 2014 registration form, I thought I would upload it to the files section.


Here's what you need to do:


1) Download the Registration Form PDF to your computer.

2) Open it with Acrobat or Acrobat Reader.

3) Fill in the form and when completed, save the form back as it was. Do not "print" it to a PDF, do not print it to paper and scan it, just save the updated PDF.
    The other methods I mention are only if you have problems saving the PDF.

4) Email the completed PDF to IUABoard@gmail.com.


There is no need to sign it, and, in fact, if you do, it will not be transmitted to the IUA Registration committee as a filled in form, it will be transmitted as a "flat" piece of "paper". So, please attach the filled in PDF and email it as a regular attachment.


If you have any problems or questions on filling in the form, email IUABoard@gmail.com and I'll help you get thru it.


Looking forward to seeing you in December.