Tech Tip: How do I restore my vertica database

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In the event of a vertica crash, how can I restore my vertica database to a good backup



Assuming backups have been previously configured per the documentation,  please follow these steps to restore the database …


  1. cd /opt/vertica/bin/

  2. As the dradmin (or equivalent user) run:  ./ --task restore --config-file  <filename>.ini


Note<filename>.ini represents the backup configuration file created when you configured your backups.  To locate this file, if you don’t know where it, is do the following …


  1. crontab -l to show the crontab entry from the configured backup script

             Example: crontab -l

00 02 * * * /export/dradmin/backups/ >/tmp/backup.log 2>&1

      2.    cat /export/dradmin/backups/

             Example:  cat  /export/dradmin/backups/

/opt/vertica/bin/ --task backup --config-file /export/dradmin/backups/backup.ini


As you can see the backup.ini file is in /export/dradmin/backups/ so the command that would need to be run to restore the vertica database would be:


./ --task restore --config-file /export/dradmin/backups/backup.ini

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