Field Pack: Script that checks for dropped agents

Document created by Alex_Schmid Employee on Oct 7, 2014
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**************************** What is this? ***************************

Created by: Fayaz Ghiasy, Alex York, Alex Schmid


This is a Python script that runs queries agents the CLW to check for dropped agents. It compares a generated CurrentAgentList.txt against a MasterAgentList.txt and will send out an email with the Agents that are not in the CurrentAgentList.txt. MasterAgentList has to be updated manually.


***************************** Install instructions ****************************

Install Python version 3+

Edit python script to your environment details

  • CLW command
  • Email to/from
  • SMTP server

Run CLW command in script to generate CurrentAgentList.txt and rename it to MasterAgentList.txt


Example usage:

Run daily using Cron or Windows task scheduler to get emails about agents that have been dropped in the past 24 hours.


***************************** Support policy ****************************

Field pack - Unsupported